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   Chapter 448 A Party For The Upper Class

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Rachel turned around immediately and apologized to him,"Sorry. I'm so sorry."

She lifted her head slowly

and saw Marcus who also turned around and looked at her.

Wearing his sports clothes, Marcus looked much younger than the last time Rachel saw him. "Mrs. Rong, do you like hiking too?"

"Yes, I came with my friend, Mr. Ren. It's good to see you again." Rachel greeted Marcus. Then she looked at his shoes which she had just stepped on. She apologized to Marcus once more,"Sorry that I made your shoes dirty."

Marcus lowered his head, looked down at his shoes and smiled. "Oh, that's no big deal. I'm hiking, of course they were bound to eventually gather some dust and dirt.

I have to go now. My friend is waiting for me."

Not far away, some of Marcus' friends were calling him.

Rachel nodded her head. "Sure, goodbye."

When Marcus turned around and caught up with his friends. Rachel turned around too. She was off to find Celine.

However, Celine had already walked towards her. Looking at the sight of Marcus' back, Celine said to Rachel,"What the hell? Rachel, how come the guys you meet always turn out to be better than the last?"

"Really? I don't think so, Celine. Marcus is just fine." Rachel didn't take Celine's words seriously, and to be honest, she really didn't find Marcus as handsome either.

"Yeah, you think he's just fine. That's because you've met a lot of handsome guys and your standards have become much higher. He's just fine? Come on, Rachel! He's much more attractive than both Preston and Daniel, am I right?" said, Celine. She wondered why all the men Rachel had met were always so distinctive and excellent.

Patrick still remained the best of the bad guys, while Daniel was fascinating and enchanting. Even Wayne, a composed and classy man, was a high-flyer.

Not to mention Hiram, Rachel's husband. He was the best of them all.

Oh, and what about Rachel's own super handsome little boy, Jonny.

Although Rachel went through a lot of hardships, she also got managed to get rich and become resourceful in the process.

"Now, do I?" Rachel pointed her fingers at herself. She then shook her head and went downhill.

Celine was speechless. "Right, you're right. It's probably because, in your eyes, those so-called handsome men, are nothing special to you. All you can see is your dear husband, Hiram. The rest are just normal people."

Rachel and Celine took the cable car when they went downhill.

Suddenly, Celine gave Rachel a gentle push. She pointed at the cable car in front of them and said to Rachel. "I think that man is as competitive as your husband, Hiram. He sure seems like it."

Thanks to Rachel, Celine had met a lot of excellent men herself. She could tell that Marcus was distinctive at first sight. He was wealthy and experienced. That was why when he showed up, he demanded people's attention.

Rachel took a look at the cable car in front of her. Marcus was talking to his two friends.

Rachel was listening to

y had gone to before. As long as she was with him, Rachel was sure to be judged by others.

She touched the luxurious and expensive dresses one by one. Then, her hand stopped on a light blue dress.

Rachel took it out from the closet and looked in the mirror. Hiram told her that this was made by an experienced and famous tailor. Apparently, it was also the last piece of his work to be created. However, when she received it, she had just given birth to the children. She wasn't nearly as slim enough to wear it back then.


Celine came out from the fitting room and twirled around in front of Rachel, showing off the dress. "What do you think? Does it look good on me?"

When she finished her words, Celine saw Rachel who was standing in front of the mirror. Celine was startled. "Oh my gosh! This dress is so beautiful. I'm sure you will look like a princess wearing it. How come 'I've never seen you wear it before?"

Celine touched the dress as she complimented it. It was expensive and felt smooth. It was much better than any dresses sold on the street.

"Good, the dress you chose is better than the previous one," Rachel commented on Celine's dress.

"This dress was made and sent to me when I gave birth to the children. I haven't had the opportunity to wear it yet. Hiram just called me. He asked me to attend a banquet with him." Rachel added.

"A banquet?" The word "banquet" made Celine excited. She looked into Rachel's eyes. "Can you perhaps bring me with you? I want to attend a banquet. I've never attended such a party before. Please, Rachel!"

Celine was very eager to go to the banquet. After a pause, Rachel finally said,"Alright, sure."

Hiram was likely to bring Chad or Carl with him anyway. So Rachel thought that it would be fit if she could bring Celine as well.


Celine exclaimed excitingly. She was always looking forward to attending parties for the upper class, and thanks to Rachel, she finally had the opportunity to attend one.

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