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   Chapter 446 Hiram Mesmerized Almost Every Woman

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Hiram was astonished and put down his phone when he saw a woman rush into his office furiously. She was escorted by a small guy.

"Honey, what's the matter?" He furrowed his eyebrows and asked. Although he knew the reason behind her anger, he never imagined that she would explode this way that aggravated the situation.

What the hell had Flora told her to make her so angry?

Rachel walked up to him, grabbed his collar and interrogated,"Tell me the truth. What was going on between you and Flora? And what more you have hidden from me?"

Hearing her questions, Hiram responded with a bitter smile. He held her hand in opposition and asked,"What do you mean? If you were asking me whether I have hidden anything from you in the past, I would say yes. But if you were asking me whether I have masked a romantic relationship with her from you, I swear I haven't. I have always been sincere to you and would never cheat on you at any point."

"Oh! Really? How do you say that you have never cheated on me? If you didn't cheat on me, how could she say such disgraceful words about you to me?" Rachel vented her frustration on him. She released his collar and pushed him backwards.

Hiram was not infuriated by her words. He moved ahead, held her hands and said to Ben,"Ben, please take Jonny away. Don't allow anyone to come in without my permission."

"Yes, Mr. Rong!" Ben nodded submissively, grasped Jonny's hand and walked towards the door. "Jonny, your dad and mom have something important to talk about. Can you please give them some privacy and wait outside for a few minutes?"

Before he stepped out of the office, Jonny turned his head and gazed at his father and mother. Although he was a small child, he intuited that his mother got angry because of the aunt he met a while ago.

The present situation increased his aversion towards that aunt more.

"Honey, calm down." Hiram tugged her into his arms, lowered his head and touched her forehead with his forehead. "Don't be angry. You know I am what kind of man. I love you and I won't cheat on you. No one knows clear-cut other than me that I didn't deceive you. We have faith in each other. So don't let what other people said destroy your inner peace."

Rachel was still enraged. She turned her head aside and said,"I know that Flora likes you and that you have no feelings for her. But how could she say these words to my face? How dare she said that to me?!

Hiram, do you know what she said? She demanded me to allow you to be with her, and she wanted to share my husband!"

Hiram frowned. Although he knew that Flora must have said something appalling to Rachel, he had never imagined something so disgusting.

"Umm, what did you say?"

"What would I say? I said that she should

throw such words to Rachel's face?

Flora's eyes filled with tears and rolled down her cheeks. She heaved a sigh and slowly lowered her head. "Hiram, don't mock at if I say this. I like children and I like Johnny when I saw him at first. I liked him very much and wanted to have a kid like him.

I know it's an insane thought to have a baby with you. But I really want one. Our baby could always be by my side and let me not be lonely for the rest of my life. I will be fulfilled if I have a little guy with you to accompany me," she said.

Hiram diminished his deep-set eyes and gave a glance at the wall behind him in a discreet way. "You know surely that it is your insane will which will never happen, so stop thinking about it.

Flora, you have to stay in your limits. Groveling to me is worthless. Why don't you consider your dignity to acquire a better life?

I hope you take my advice in a positive way. If you stop behaving immorally, we can still be friends."

After finishing his words, Hiram raised up.

Inside the next private room

Rachel sat in a rattan chair with her knees held up to her chin. She locked her face against her knees and sat there still like a statue.

The woman in the next door said that she wanted to have a baby with her husband. It is the worst feeling for any woman to experience.

Chad, who sat opposite Rachel, heaved a sigh.

A coin has two sides. 'A man will be attractive because of his achievements, but he also will cause some trouble for himself when he is excellent. Hiram is that kind of man, ' Chad thought.

Although Hiram had been married and never deceived Rachel, there were so many women fascinated to him.

Those women kept chasing him though they knew that they might get nothing in the end. Lydia, Shirley, and now Flora... One woman after the other. It never stopped.

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