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   Chapter 445 Flora’s Proposal

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As long as Rachel had learned now, Flora had a way with kids like Jonny, even though she didn't have any kids of her own, and had never even married.

From the moment Jonny sat down with her, Flora was playful with her words, almost flirtatious with him. So enamored she appeared, it seemed she would take out her heart and give it to him, which was far more enthusiastic than the affections of Rachel, his own mother.

But Jonny was uncomfortable. Rachel could see her son was frustrated by Flora's overwhelming fondness. He began inching away from her, as if she repelled him.

"Mommy!" Jonny called Rachel for help.

Flora was beginning to bug him. He raised his adorable little face and looked at Rachel, his eyes begging her to get him out of there.

"Flora, look, it's getting late. Jonny and I need to leave now. It's a long way home. Let's catch up next time," Rachel said as she stood up and reached for Johnny.

Flora stopped her short, stood up and wrangled Jonny from his mother's grip. "Please stay for a while, Rachel! It's still early. Please sit down!"

Jonny's cheeks turned red with embarrassment, and Rachel knew she must leave immediately. "Jonny, come here, honey!"

Jonny struggled from Flora's grip and ran to his mother with relief.

"Flora, I want to spend more time with you, but Hiram's waiting for us. I really have to go now," Rachel explained politely. She didn't want to beat around the bush as long as Flora kept her silence.

And she didn't know how to face Flora the next time they met when Flora was forthright with her. It was too embarrassing.

Flora drifted away for a moment at the mention of Hiram's name. But then she snapped back to reality and said in a low voice,"Oh Rachel, you didn't know. Hiram has been taking care of me over the past few years, and I'm trying to find a way to pay him back. But I believe that there's nothing that can impress him.

So I want to be friends with you and hope that we can get along. I ... I also hope that I can stay by his side," Flora said.

At first, Rachel was confused. Her mind went blank, and it took a moment to grasp what Flora was saying.

"Flora, I'm sorry, but I don't know what you are talking about. Yes, of course we can be friends," she managed to say. "But what did you mean by 'staying by his side'? I'm totally confused."

Rachel's heart was sinking, and she wondered if Flora was

e to," Flora said quickly. Hiram's reaction made her heart bleed as if he had stabbed a knife through it.

"To be honest, my wife seldom gets mad, but once she is, there's nothing I can do. Maybe you can be more modest in front of her next time, or maybe you should steer clear of each other. That will avoid anything disputable between you two," he said. Hiram went quiet.

Flora could feel her heart sinking. Her face burned with shame, and her heart froze at the same time.

Although he didn't say it directly, his meaning was clear: Stayed away from his wife.

Flora decided she must speak what was on her mind. "Hiram, if, I mean, would you be happy if we were to be lovers the rest of my life? I won't ask you to marry me. I won't ask you to be with me all the time. All I want is for you to come over once in a while." She bit her lower lip and held her breath for Hiram's response.

She had dared not ask Hiram to his face and also felt ashamed now to tell him as directly as she had.

But now that she had already provoked his wife, she had to tell him what was in her heart.

She was no longer young and had no time to waste.

On the other end of the phone, Hiram furrowed his eyebrows and wondered what Flora had said to Rachel.

"Flora, please think about things very carefully before you say anything," he said coldly and hung up. Suddenly, Hiram heard Ben's voice growing louder outside.

"Mrs. Rong ... please wait a moment. Please let me first announce you, Mrs. Rong?

It's my duty ..."

Rachel barged into Hiram's office door before Ben could finish his words.

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