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   Chapter 444 Grant Whatever She Required

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On the third floor of a bustling shopping mall, an elegant Italian restaurant stood out from the fluorescent fast food stores around it.

Nestled into a softly lit corner, two people gazed into each other's eyes.

"It's been a while. More than a decade, if I remember correctly."

"So long... look at me, already 40 years old! I must have been around 30 last time we met - maybe younger."

"Time flies. And yet looking at you I wouldn't know it. You're as young as ever!"

Flora smiled as she spoke, and her companion watched how gracefully she pushed her dark hair behind her ears.

He sat forward in his chair, rolling up his sleeves. Flora's eyes followed his movements, pleased that his demeanor was as charming and noble as she remembered.

He looked like the same Marcus that she had known so long.

When these two old friends had come together for the first time in a decade, they found that many things had changed. One thing, however, had stayed the same: after all these years they were both still single.

"I'm sure someone as successful and handsome as you must drive all the young women wild, how is it that you are still single?" Flora narrowed her eyes and grinned as she joked, but she knew it must be true. Marcus had built his own business empire from nothing. She could not compare him to the young man she had known in the past.

Marcus brushed this off with a smile. He turned to the window and watched a mother and child pass laughing by.

"I've already been married once, and I have decided that it is not for me. I have no need to pursue a romantic relationship, as I am satisfied with my life as it is."

He paused to sip his coffee.

"What about you? You're still waiting for him?" He glanced across at Flora, curious as to how she would react.

The playful expression dropped from Flora's face. She looked away. "I've hoped for so long that he would look back and realize who has really been by his side all these years."

She couldn't bring herself to tell him how she felt, to disrupt his peaceful life. All she could do was suffer helplessly by his side, waiting...hoping.

"I admire your determination, but you're a smart, independent woman. You should have no trouble finding a man worthy of you and having a comfortable life. Why do you waste your time waiting for a man who will never be yours?"

The spoon clinked against the porcelain cup, as Marcus stirred cream into his coffee.

Flora lifted her coffee to her lips and smiled. "

ile, and took out a lollipop from her bag. "Here you go, Jonny. This is for you!" she continued.

Jonny shook his head and stepped away from her hand. "Thanks, Auntie, but I can't eat it."

"Oh, aren't you just the cutest? I'm sure it's okay to eat one. Come on! Here, take it!" Flora shook the lollipop at him.

Rachel looked cautiously at Flora. "Flora, Jonny doesn't like sugar. It's Joyce's favorite. Jonny, if you really don't want it, you can give it to your sister," Rachel interceded.

Jonny considered it for a while, nodded his head, and took the lollipop. "Thank you! Auntie!"

Flora became silent when she realized that Rachel had helped her get out of this awkward situation.

"Rachel, since we've run into each other, why don't we go and find a place to sit? I know things ended badly between us last time, and I just want to apologize to you." Flora looked at Rachel with regret in her eyes.

Rachel took Jonny's hand in hers. Unable to make eye contact, she murmured,"Flora, it doesn't matter. There is no need to apologize."

"No, really, it was my fault. Come, let's drink a cup of coffee in the restaurant upstairs. Jonny can play in the playground nearby." Flora insisted. She took Jonny's other hand and pulled the pair upstairs.

Rachel had no choice but to follow.

From a few meters back, Chad shook his head and sighed. He took out his phone to call Hiram.

He remembered Hiram's instructions: "Inform me immediately if there are changes."

With the room now mainly empty, Marcus thought for a second about everything he had seen. Slowly, he stood up from the sofa, buttoned up his jacket, and left the restaurant.

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