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   Chapter 442 An Arranged Marriage For Our Son

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Rachel circled around in front of the mirror. The dress train was at a knee-length, which fitted Rachel perfectly. She turned around and gave Fannie a big hug. "Mom, I love it so much!"

Rachel said and kissed Fannie on her face.

"You're welcome. If you like it that much, I can make more dresses for you. Hiram is watching you from the stairs. Don't behave like a child now." Fannie giggled as she looked at Hiram who was walking towards them while holding Joyce in his arms.

It wasn't until now that Rachel had realized Hiram came downstairs.

Hiram was amazed by the way Rachel looked in the dress. With an intelligent and warm smile on her face, and what seemed to be stars, filled Rachel's dreamy eyes. Her eye-catching long black hair also formed a perfectly sharp contrast with the floral prints on her white dress, that rested on her shoulders. She looked gorgeous.

Who would have thought that Rachel was a mother of two children?

"Hiram? Look! Mom made this dress for me! Does it look good? " Rachel showed off the puffy dress train to Hiram as she asked for his opinion while walking towards him, with a smile on her face.

"Yes, and you look beautiful, as always." Hiram gave his compliment generously and placed his hands on Rachel's waist out of habit. However, when he realized that Fannie was watching them, he let go of her hands. "The size is quite suitable."

When he was upstairs, Joyce told Hiram that she wanted to play with Jonny and Nadia, so Hiram brought her downstairs.

"Rachel, Hiram, it's getting quite late now. Why don't you two have a rest? It's time for the kids to go to bed anyway. Let me take care of them. You don't need to worry about putting them to bed!" Fannie seemed to imply something.

Thinking about it, she actually wouldn't mind having another grandson or granddaughter.

She and Simpson only had one child, and so did Gavin and Joanna. They both wished that Hiram and Rachel could have more kids, to expand their family.

"Hiram, I want to spend more time with the kids. Would you like to go back first?" Rachel said to Hiram.

"Sure." Hiram answered gently as he turned around and walked towards the elevator.

Once Hiram left, Rachel walked towards Fannie. She said sweetly,"Mom, I really want to sleep over tonight. Can I?"

Fannie burst out into laughter. "No way, Rachel. It's just a dress. Are you really that excited? What about Hiram? Surely he would like you to come home tonig

Hiram's face. So she asked,"What just happened? Why are you smiling?"

Rachel covered herself with a bath towel and untied her hair before she went to bed.

Hiram placed his hands on Rachel's shoulders and giggled. "Let's go to visit Luke tomorrow. His daughter was born the day before yesterday. He proposed the idea of an arranged marriage for our son and his daughter."

"Really? Then we have to visit him and give them our blessings! However, isn't it too early to talk about the idea of an arranged marriage?" Rachel smiled too.

Hiram and Luke were such good friends, that Rachel and Hiram were obliged to go visit his daughter. However, Rachel didn't want to arrange her son's life just like that. She wanted Jonny to find his own happiness and on his own terms.

"I know. So we'll bring Jonny with us tomorrow. It depends on him."

Hiram said slowly.

"What? Jonny himself? I mean, if Jonny says yes, what would Luke do? He might be deeply convinced that Jonny should marry his daughter in the future no matter what happens. What then?"

Rachel frowned, but soon she realized what Hiram had meant.

What Jonny said couldn't be taken seriously.

However, if Hiram said yes, it would be difficult for him to go back on his word.

"Okay, let's get up early tomorrow. I need to go out to buy gifts for the little baby girl." Rachel said after she thought about the visit tomorrow.

Hiram checked his phone and turned off the bedside lamp. "Well, It's only ten thirty now. It's not too late."

"What? What do you mean?"


Before Rachel realized what Hiram had meant, her mouth was shut by Hiram's lips.

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