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   Chapter 441 A Man Who Told A Story

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"A long time ago, there was a father. One day, he went to visit the beach with his daughter. The sea was calm that day, and everything went quite smoothly, just as he had hoped. No one could foresee that there would be an accident. The father came out from the cabin to see his daughter. She was playing in the water, enjoying the breeze that blew through her hair. She was singing songs and having a great time. The father didn't want to disturb her, so he didn't ask her to go back to the deck.

However, the next moment, he turned around, as he heard a big frightening sound. When he turned around again to see what had happened, his daughter was already gone.

The father was a powerful man, and he had a strong connection with his daughter. He did whatever he could and urged people to rescue her. He asked people to help him catch all the fish that could possibly eat a human. He wanted to find his daughter desperately, even if it was just her body. He didn't want his last memory of her to be drowning in the sea."

Rachel was anxious and worried about the little girl. "Then? What happened next? Did the father find his daughter?"

"Yes, he did. The father had killed a lot of big fish and searched various areas around the beach that she disappeared on. Finally, he found his daughter in a shark's belly." Hiram said and sighed.

Hiram used to feel pity in his heart when he heard the story in the past.

However, now that he had become a father, he felt differently. It wasn't until now that he understood how miserable and regretful the father in the story actually was.

Perhaps, this was the reason why Marcus had always seen things from a different angle and knew human nature as well as he did. He must have kept examining himself all the time.

Rachel was so sad. She felt like she couldn't breathe.

"Is the father you're talking about Marcus?"

"Yes. He is five years older than me. He can be recognized as my senior. He has remained single since his daughter's passing. He didn't marry another woman after that." Hiram said slowly.

Rachel nodded her head. She didn't expect that Marcus had such a legendary, yet traumatic experience. However, since Hiram regarded Marcus as his senior, Rachel was sure that Marcus was a powerful man and wasn't one to be underestimated.

"What about his wife at the time?" Rachel asked.

Hiram said after a pause,"Well… I don't know. Apparently, Marcus and his wife only remained married out of convenience. They divorced because they had incompatible personalities. He was the one who won his daughter's custody."

"What a hard life!" Rachel sighed. Suddenly something occurred to her. She then said,"Wait, then why did you want me to receive this drawing? Shouldn't we return it?"

As long as she thought about the idea that this drawing might be about Marcus' daughter, Rachel felt that it was too much for her to look at.

Hiram burst into laughter. "You've already taken the drawing. There is no way for you to give it back now. Besides, didn't you hear what he said? He h

ught some clothes. I thought that the color would look good on you. So, I was thinking about making a dress for you.

Go to my room to try it on. Let's see whether it suits you. I can alter it for you if it doesn't fit you."

Hearing Fannie, Rachel stood up immediately. When she saw the white dress with floral prints on it, Rachel felt excited and surprised.

"Mom, you made a dress for me? That's amazing!"

When Rachel was a child, Fannie had made clothes for her, but when Rachel's father passed away, Fannie was busy making a living and seldom made clothes for Rachel since then.

"Uh-huh. I always think about making clothes for you again. However, with work, I didn't have any time in the past. Now that I have time, I've decided to make this dress for you,"

said Fannie. She held the dress in the air and compared it to Rachel's silhouette. "I think that the size is perfect. What are you waiting for? Go try it on!"

Rachel felt moved. With tears in her eyes, she took the dress from Fannie and walked towards her bedroom.

Soon thereafter, Rachel changed her clothes and walked out of the bedroom. She had to admit that Fannie was an incredibly talented tailor. The needlework was perfect and the size of the waistline and shoulder width was very suitable for her frame.

As for the color, Fannie preferred something vintage. So, even though the color looked plain and steady, Rachel loved the dress.

"It looks good on you, Rachel. I think you look even more attractive now than before your marriage!" Fannie giggled. She then took a look at the sight of Rachel's back and said,"It seems like I made the perfect dress for you. It fits you perfectly!"

Rachel walked over to the front of the mirror to have a look. The design was simple, but looked extremely fashionable. Most importantly, it suited her very well. The size was perfect and the cloth felt very smooth.

At this moment, Hiram was walking downstairs holding Joyce in his hand. When he saw Rachel, he was attracted by her beautiful dress.

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