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   Chapter 440 A Tough Test For Rachel

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Hearing him, Hiram wore a delicate smile. He pointed at the painting at the rooftop and said,"I think this is the one. It looks like a disastrous state with numerous holes, but I can see that it's reflecting the firm determination of people's heart. It is a fantastic way of presentation."

He looked around the room along with Rachel and he had examined every piece of painting.

If the painting he pointed was made by Marcus, Hiram was quite sure that Marcus had figured out what human nature was. Only by doing so, he could have created such an artistic painting.

"Right, Bravo! Mr. Rong indeed has a special insight understanding. Yes, this is one of the two paintings," Marcus cheered up and appreciated as he applauded his hands.

"Listen, I will give this painting to you as a gift, and Mrs. Rong, please go ahead. If you can find another one by yourself and I will give it to you too! Please go ahead!" he added.

Hiram was planning to find another one, but it seemed that Marcus would like Rachel to find it, and thus he was unable to help her or give her any clue.

'How could my stupid wife find it? Marcus must be kidding!' he wondered in his mind.

Rachel looked at her husband helplessly, the same way he had anticipated.

"Since Mr. Rong's extraordinarily smart, which I've seen myself just now, then I believe that you must get your own uniqueness, right? And this is my presumptuous request. Please go and find it without the help of others!" Marcus asked politely with a gentle smile. He noticed that Rachel sought help from her husband to proceed further.

Hearing his words, Hiram smirked and moved his eyes to a wall without uttering a word

Then Rachel realized that Marcus was actually put her through the mill. If she could understand all his painting, thus she didn't need to come to him for help a few minutes ago.

She glanced at the paintings by herself. At the end of her wits, Rachel had to adopt the strategy of elimination. She examined the paintings one by one precisely, and omitted the ones she presumed that were not made by Marcus.

Finally, she gathered ten pieces of paintings, but she was unable to predict which one was appropriate.

Then she glanced a concealed look at Hiram secretly from time to time and tried to find any lead that could help her. She observed that Hiram paused in front of one particular wall for a while, which was longer than the stopping time at other walls.

She caught it immediately and comprehended that he was trying to tell her something indirectly. Rachel crossed the wall, completed one more round in the room to avoid any suspicion and stopped in front of the same wall.

She stared at the paintings for a few minutes and could not tell which one was it. She then looked at Hiram eagerly, but he just smiled at her and nodded his head casually.

Then, she looked at Puth and tried to ask for help with her poignant eye

Rachel suddenly realized that something she didn't know was going on.

"Sorry, I didn't know, Mr. Ren. I will keep it back right now," she said embarrassingly. She walked towards the wall where the painting was inclined to.

"Mrs. Rong, wait!" Marcus asked as he caught up and stopped her,"Can I ask you a question? If you were here, I mean, in the painting, would you ask the little girl to come inside? In case she was having fun and had no idea that the danger was approaching. What you would have done?"

"Yes, I would call her back. If there was any adverse danger, I would have pulled her inside, regardless of whether she was having a good time or not," Rachel replied without any delay.

Marcus smiled and descended his head. He concealed his feelings so that Rachel could not see it.

"I see. You wished that the little girl in the painting had a happy ending. Yes, I also hope that she could be as happy as the moment she was in the painting. Thus, giving this painting to you to honour your feelings."

You deserve this painting as you truly wished wellness for the girl in the painting. Everything has a destiny.

Rachel declined the gift, but Marcus forced her to take it with her. Then Hiram walked to them, and put his hand over Rachel's shoulders said,"Okay, since Mr. Ren insists, it is good to follow his words. Honey, Please take it with you. Thank you for your hospitality, Mr. Ren. We did have a good time here today!"

Hiram and Rachel left the exhibition with a humble gesture.

After they got on the car, Rachel was still confused about Ren's act. Thus she asked,"Why didn't Mr. Ren want to sell this painting?" It's just a piece of painting. But he gives too much importance and hype to it".

"You don't know his story. All right, I will tell you now," Hiram replied and shook his head while he drove the car to the Western Mountain District, tapping the steering wheel with his fingers lightly.

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