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   Chapter 439 Frist Met Marcus

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"Not bad. You still remember it well. Looks like you were very impressed," Hiram said as a smile cracked his lips. He remembered how Rachel had let out an ear-splitting scream when she was here last.

Rachel shook with fright when she recalled what she saw last time. "Hiram, are those dummies made of silicone? They looked so life-like. I thought they were human."

"Of course they are made of silicone. You have read too many mystery novels. Anyone could tell that they were just dummies," Hiram answered with a frown settling on his face. He was surprised by Rachel's wild imagination.

"Okay. I just wanted to make sure. By the way, Hiram, he didn't look like that sort of person," Rachel said as she remembered the handsome, blue-eyed, blond-haired foreigner.

"Cough," Hiram pretended to cough. "Someone is blindly worshipping foreign things."

Realizing that Hiram was talking about her, Rachel countered,"What do you mean? I just judged him from his appearance. That has nothing to do with blindly worshipping foreign things!"

"Is he handsome? I don't think so." Hiram gave Rachel a roguish look. The car took down a winding path down the mountains.

Rachel smiled and gave Hiram's cheek a little pinch. "You are more handsome than him. Whenever I saw a good-looking guy, I was always stunned by their appearance at first glance. But, I lost my interest when I took a second look. There is no one who can attract my sight forever, except you. You are the most handsome person I have ever seen."

To be honest, no one could easily forget Hiram's looks. He had sharp, attractive eyes which could bind anyone in a spell. They were deep and dark, capable of mesmerizing anyone.

Hiram smiled when he heard Rachel's confession. "Sit properly. The road goes downhill from here."

When they arrived, Ben was already waiting for them before the door.

"Did he change the place?" Rachel got off the car and found that it was a gallery instead of the art exhibition.

"Yes. Collecting paintings is another hobby of Mr. Puth, so he chose this gallery as our meeting place," answered Hiram.

"He really does has a wide range of hobbies." Rachel felt very curious about the gallery. It wa

ed Marcus his hand.

"Mr. Rong! It's a pleasure to meet you. I've heard so much about you." Marcus was surprised when he heard Hiram's name, but he concealed his emotions and greeted Hiram politely.

Hearing the talk, Rachel realized that the exhibits had been painted by Marcus.

She didn't know that Marcus was not only a famous businessman but also an excellent painter.

After a while, the men ended their talk and left the room.

"Mrs. Rong, have you found any painting you like? This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Marcus is the owner of this gallery. He won't refuse your request." Puth smiled shrugging his shoulders.

Rachel looked at Hiram, who walked towards her.

"Let's go and pick a painting you like," Hiram said as he took her hand. They walked along the gallery to choose a painting for Rachel.

Hiram had no lack of money, but this had nothing to do with money. It was impolite to refuse Puth's goodwill or offer money.

Seeing their intimacy, Marcus realized that Rachel was Hiram's wife, something which he had not imagined.

"Mr. Ren, is there any painting of simple style? I mean a painting without hidden meanings? I prefer a simple painting,"

Rachel asked Marcus as they walked around the gallery. She found that every painting hanging on the wall was complex.

"Yes. But only two such works. You can find them by yourself. If you can find them, I will gift them to you,"

Marcus suggested to Rachel with a shrug.

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