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   Chapter 438 Advice And Suggestions

Happy Together By Vegetable Characters: 7369

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Rachel glanced at Hiram and then looked down at the ground. She felt embarrassed about what happened yesterday. She was full of shame and fear as she spoke,"Uh… Hiram, I remember you telling me that you would help me set Hardy with Celine? I'm lost! Give me some advice!" Rachel pleaded.

Hiram took his teacup and took a sip. He didn't answer Rachel's question but continued to read his file.

"What can I do? I mean, can I just force Hardy to take some pill so that I could lock him and Celine in the same room for a night?"

Rachel walked towards Hiram and sat on the chair in front of him. "Come on, this is serious. Give me something that will work. We need something that gets to the root of the problem. Some way to find out what Hardy thinks about Celine!

Celine will be discharged from the hospital very soon. After that, Celine and Hardy won't have any chance to spend time with each other. Can you come up with a way that would allow them to see each other after Celine is discharged?" Rachel asked. She was trying to get Hiram to think practically.

If Celine and Hardy could meet each other for a few more times, they were sure to like each other.

Hiram lifted his head from the file and looked at Rachel. "That's easy. We can hold a small party here. You can invite Celine while I invite Hardy."

Hearing this, Rachel clapped her hands. "That sounds great! Then, I can propose that Hardy and Celine dance. I'm sure there will be chemistry then!"

Seeing Rachel daydreaming, Hiram couldn't help but burst into laughter. "We can create a chance for the two of them. But how things will go? We really don't know what will happen and we can't control it."

"I know. Celine needs to seize the chance. She needs to give it a shot!" said Rachel. In life, you couldn't just wait for happiness to come to you. You needed to fight for it.

If you didn't dare to try, how could the one you loved know about your love?

"Why are you so keen about finding a boyfriend for Celine? Were you as excited as this when you went to blind dates?" Hiram chuckled.

Hearing Hiram making fun of her, Rachel rolled her eyes. "You don't understand women, Hiram. When we grow to a certain age, but

finished after the Spring Festival if everything went as planned. The phone suddenly rang.

"Where are you? I'm going out. Would you like to come?" Hiram called.

Rachel took a look at the workers who were busy with their work. Actually, Hiram had arranged someone to oversee the project, so it didn't matter whether Rachel was there. But Rachel said,"It depends. Where are you going? I'm not sure whether I'm interested…"

"It has been 12 days since you've been gone. Don't pick and choose! Come!" Hiram sneered at her.

"Okay, okay, I'll be right back. Give me five minutes!"

When Hiram started mentioning about her promise to him, Rachel jumped on the bus and started going back.

Honesty and keeping your word mattered so much when you were a couple.

When Rachel went back to the mansion, Hiram was waiting for her in the car. Seeing her, he checked his watch. "Get in the car. I have an appointment and I can't be late."

Rachel took off her helmet and put on the coat a servant brought to her before she got into the car.

"Where are we going? Are you going to make me guess again?" Rachel asked as she put on the seatbelt.

Hiram had done that many times. Most of the time, Rachel wouldn't know their destination until they arrived.

"I've got an appointment with Mr. Puth. Something about our contract." Hiram said, smiling at Rachel.

Rachel was surprised when she heard the name. "Mr. Puth? The handsome foreigner with weird hobbies?"

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