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   Chapter 437 Mind The Step

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Nadia looked up at Miranda, whom she had never seen before, then shifted her eyes to Rachel.

Next second she ran back to Rachel wailing, fearful of the unfamiliar face. Since Miranda was a complete stranger, it was only natural that Nadia would be scared of her.

"Aunty, who is she?" she asked timidly.

Rachel caught Nadia in a tight embrace and calmly said,"Nadia, don't be afraid! She is your mother's sister!

Just then, Jonny, who was playing close by, walked over to Miranda and greeted her politely,"Hello, Aunt Miranda, nice to meet you."

"Wow, Jonny, do you recognize me?" exclaimed Miranda in surprise. He had been very little when they had met, but clearly, the boy had an astounding memory.

Most children his age only remember close family members whom they stay with: fathers, mothers and grandparents. Or people they lived with. They could barely remember distant relatives.

Since they were not close, Miranda didn't come to visit them very often. She had met Jonny only a handful of times.

"I do remember you, Aunt Miranda, and also cousin Kelvin. He and I played together at Grandma's house a few months ago. At that time, he was a first grader in Elementary school."

said Jonny calmly.

Miranda was awestruck by his words. He not only remembered her but also her son. For a three-year-old to have such a sharp memory was indeed very impressive.

She watched Jonny for a while longer until the familiarity struck her! He was just like Hiram!

Hiram had been the most promising prodigy of the Rong family. It was no surprise that his son would also be equally extraordinary.

"Nadia, Jonny, look here! I brought toys for you and Joyce! Where is your sister, Jonny? Miranda said happily as she fished out three sets of toys from her bag.

Rachel walked over to Miranda, holding Nadia's hand, and said,"Joyce is upstairs, pestering my mother to make her a doll!"

Miranda nodded and laughed. She turned back to Nadia and realized that the more she looked at the little girl, the more attached she got to her.

"Nadia, meet your new bunny friend! And guess what! He can also talk to you! Just press here…" said Miranda trying to coax the little girl to play with her.

The toy quickly caught Nadia's attention.

After Miranda left, Rachel went upstairs.

Since Nadia was just a little child, she was afraid of strangers. She needed some time to get used to Miranda. This meant that Miranda could take care of Nadia by herself and even take her home sometimes.

Soon Miranda had grown very fond of Nadia. Her affection for Nadia grew

n regret. If she had pretended to be sick then she could have remained in the hospital longer. Now that she had been discharged, it would be hard to see him again.

But, officially it was time for her to go.

'Was there any way to spend more time with Hardy?', she thought hard

'Oh! I can ask Rachel for help', she thought relievedly.

"Hello, Rachel, it's Celine, I've been discharged from the hospital, but I need your help I want to spend more time with Hardy, and if I get discharged now then I won't be able to see him again. Help me come up with a plan!

Celine called Rachel immediately

Rachel was busy folding her clothes when she got the call from Celine. She was amused at the situation at hand. "So you like Hardy, huh?" she teased her.

"Oh, come on, Rachel, I thought you would know it better than anyone. Hardy is such a kind-hearted man and knows how to make people happy. He doesn't flirt with women recklessly and has a spotless background. How can I let such an excellent man pass by," Celine spoke in a hushed voice, checking to make sure that nobody was around in the corridor.

"That's good to hear. It sounds just like you to pursue your own happiness" "Now wait and let me think! How can we get you two together without making it seem deliberate?"

Rachel racked her brain, and in the process her eyes found Hiram, reading a book in the balcony, and she felt a bulb go off in her head. "Celine, I'll call you back later!" she said excitedly.

Then she hung up and headed to the balcony.

She couldn't think of a great idea then, but she was sure Hiram could provide an easy answer.

"Mind your step, sweetheart,"

cautioned Hiram, when she was about to enter the balcony.

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