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   Chapter 436 Clumsy Lady

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Rachel unconsciously licked her lower lip on which there still lingered his smell. She asked,"Crossing limits? When does a person cross their limits?"

"You don't have to worry because I will know when they do it,"

Hiram said while he pulled a chair and sat next to her. If Hiram stopped helping Flora because of their suspicion, then it wouldn't be right.

Flora hadn't revealed her intent yet. It would be oversensitive if Rachel broke off the connection with her due to this.

What Hiram said made sense. Disturbing her peace of mind over a small suspicion wasn't the right thing to do. She would be much happier if she just took those awful experiences and ignored them thinking they were not worthy of her time.

"Honey, by the way, what do you think about the family of Hardy?" Rachel asked as it flashed through her mind. She hadn't had much information about Hardy's family before, so she was not familiar with his family.

Hiram paused and asked,"Hardy? His mother passed away at a young age. He grew up with his father. Though he's a member of the Rong family, he doesn't sponge off the family and is pretty hardworking. Why do you ask me this?"

"Nothing. It just crossed my mind suddenly," Rachel said, blinking her eyes.

Hiram glanced at her and looked like he was thinking of something important. He then picked up the book he had placed on the table and was ready to continue reading. But suddenly a suspicious idea popped his mind.

"Are you planning to make a match of Hardy and Celine?" Hiram questioned.

Rachel took her cup on the table and was enjoying the drink. But when she heard Hiram's question, she coughed and spilled it out. This question caught her off guard because she never expected Hiram would read her so easily.

"Yes, do you have a problem? They both are single now. I think they could have a try and see if they like each other or not," She suggested with a challenging tone.

Hiram looked at her with a smile in his eyes and said,"I don't have a problem. But there is a problem. Hardy's dumb in love. Are you sure you want to make a match of him and Celine?"

"It's not a problem at all. He will definitely be a good man if he is in love. As long as they like each other, nothing will be a p

ead with her eyes closed. "Everyone who had a crush on Hiram ended up with a miserable life.

Lydia is in a vegetative state and unable to wake up. And Shirley is in......"

Miranda suddenly stopped talking and looked at Rachel. "Rachel, don't get me wrong. They actually asked for it I'm just thinking that life is full of unforeseen events."

Rachel forced a smile and said,"Miranda, I know what you mean. I feel the same way about it. I also hope that everyone could live peacefully with each other and lead a simple but happy life.

But God loves to play jokes with us."

Rachel hoped that Lydia and she could be good friends. She wished that they could live happily together.

But things didn't happen the way she wished.

"Rachel, I like Nadia very much. I have always treated Shirley as my sister, I'll regard Nadia as my own daughter. So don't worry." Miranda looked at Nadia with tears in her eyes. She wiped away the tears and tried to smile.

"I know you will. But don't be rash. Nadia is very sensitive now. I think it's best of you to come over often to let her get familiar with you. This way you can make a place for you in her heart before you take her with you,"

Rachel said, looking at Nadia who was fond of playing with Johnny.

Miranda nodded her head and walked towards Nadia and said,"Nadia, come over here. Come to me and let me have a good look at you."

Nadia who was playing with Jonny heard someone call her name and turned around, and she saw Miranda.

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