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   Chapter 435 I Was Happy That You Were Jealous

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"Oh, that's okay. I'll wait for him. Just help me leave a message," said Rachel. Looking worried and unhappy, she hung up the phone.

Fannie sensed that something was wrong with Rachel, so she asked,"What happened?"

"Nothing, mom. It's late now. Let's have dinner first. Hiram is busy with his work. I can have dinner with you while I'm waiting for him. When he finally comes to pick us up, we can head back home." Rachel forced a smile to assure her mother that everything was fine.

Fannie wasn't suspicious at all and believed her. She said,"Okay. It's been a long time since I went to a restaurant in H City. I wonder how're the dishes here!"

Rachel found a nice restaurant. She was going to have dinner with Fannie and thought Hiram would call her soon.

However, half an hour passed but Rachel didn't receive any call. Now anxiety was starting to take a hold of her.

Unable to sit patiently, she dialed Hiram's number again.


This time it was Hiram who picked up the phone.

Rachel breathed a sigh of relief. She complained and whined angrily,"Why didn't you call me back? I'm having dinner with mom. And we're waiting for you to pick us up."

"When did you call me? I didn't receive any call! Where are you now? I'll come and pick you up." Frowning, Hiram took a glance at Flora, who was sitting right across him.

"I'm in the restaurant now. The one near my company. Now you're with the beautiful lady who texted you this morning, right? Take your time. You don't need to rush to the restaurant to pick me up." Rachel hung up the phone as she finished her sentence.

Fannie, who was sitting right across Rachel, heard the whole conversation.

"Rachel, what are you talking about? Hiram is with another lady?" Fannie was having her dishes with a look of satisfaction. But when she heard Rachel, she lost all her appetite.

Rachel responded casually like she didn't care at all. "It's quite normal, mom. Hiram is such an excellent guy. For sure, there will be many women out there who want to approach him."

"But… aren't you worried about him? Aren't you afraid that something might happen between him and that lady?"' Fannie was much more worried and anxious than Rachel. After all, in today's society, there were lots of gold diggers. Those women would do whatever they could in order to get what they wanted.

Rachel finished her dishes and said,"It depends on his self-control. There's no point in worrying about it."

In the office, Hiram sat dumbfounded. He hated getting into arguments with Rachel and worri

rowed his eyebrows.

"Maybe. I really don't know. I was going to pick you up when I finished my work. But I met Flora when I left the office. She was waiting for me in the company and I couldn't reject her, so we had dinner in the nearby restaurant," Hiram explained to Rachel.

Rachel was disappointed with his answer. "I don't want an ambiguous answer. Tell me the truth. What do you think of her?"

Hiram closed his book and looked into Rachel's eyes. "Rachel, I really wouldn't waste my time in guessing what other women are thinking. However, if you really want me to do so, I might try.

Perhaps, Flora did that on purpose. She might want you to misunderstand me. However, no matter what she does, it would all be in vain because I don't care about her at all. No matter how hard she tries, there is no way that she can win my heart."

Rachel was looking at Hiram as he talked to her. Until this moment, Rachel never understood what Hiram was thinking.

It turned out that Hiram had never paid attention to Flora. So he wouldn't care what Eve had done at all.

But Rachel was still disappointed. She said,"However, if she keeps doing things like this then I will feel jealous."

All of a sudden, Hiram stood up and walked towards Rachel. He put his hands on the armrests. "Rachel, I'm happy that you are jealous.

However… Let's put it this way. We'll encounter lots of people in our life and Flora is just one of them. Don't let things like this upset you. If she keeps doing such things to me, trust me, I will take an action. I know my limits and won't shut up if I find her crossing hers,"

Hiram said seriously. Then he lifted Rachel's chin and kissed her lightly on her lips.

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