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   Chapter 434 The Misfits

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"Well, Mom! I'm glad you think that we know Hardy well enough. Hardy has a great job and he has a good character," Rachel happily said. The more Rachel thought about it, the more she wanted to ask Hardy about the marriage.

Celine became anxious when she heard what Rachel had said. She replied,"Rachel, what are you trying to do? Hardy is just taking care of me. Why are you going to ask him to marry me? Don't you think that it is too much to ask from him?

Rachel snorted, raised her eyebrows, stared at Celine and said,"Celine, you know the saying. Keep it in the family. Let me do the talking. I'll let you get to the point with Hardy..."

Celine became more and more anxious as she listened. She held on to Rachel's arm and pleaded,"Don't do this Rachel. You... Is this really necessary? Hardy just walked out of the ward. Did you say anything? I hope not. Anyway, don't talk about these things with him until I leave the hospital. Okay?"

Rachel burst into a laugh.

"Celine, would you believe it? I just told him!" She laughed at the shocked, angry face of Celine.

"Humph!" Celine muttered in anger and glanced at Rachel.

Hardy had promised Hiram to look after Celine and he had done it dutifully in the past two days. Hardy came to see Celine almost once every hour and spoke with her, comforting her.

At first, Celine suffered from the broken heart she had since breaking up with her ex. However, when she saw that Hardy truly cared about her, her heart warmed up to him a little.

Rachel opened the door of the ward, still chuckling, and stepped outside.

"I will ask Hardy first to see if he has a girlfriend already. If that's the case, it is no use talking anymore. Wait for me to come back!" Rachel said as she went out.

After Rachel went out, Hardy completed the ward-round. He was about to go back to the office when he saw Rachel.

"Rachel," Hardy called out politely. At the same time, Rachel started walking towards him.

"Well, let's go to your office. I want to talk about Celine's condition," Rachel said gravely.

"Oh, okay." Hardy replied. Hardy walked to the door of his office, opened it and went inside. He held the door open and said," Please sit down, Rachel."

Rachel sat down and looked around. 'It is very neat and tidy in Hardy's office, ' she thought.

Rachel pretended to take a leisurely look at the artificial human skeleton on Hardy's desk. She asked,"Well, Hardy, how old are you this year?"

Hardy was pouring Rachel a glass of water. When Hardy heard the question, he was startled. He replied,"I'm thirty-one."

"No girlfriend?" Rachel asked casually. She took the glass of wa


Fannie thought, 'If Simpson was still alive, he would be so glad to see that his daughter, Rachel, has made a successful career for herself plus two beautiful children.'

"Mom, I believe that dad will see all of this in heaven." Rachel sighed lightly. Rachel leaned toward Fannie, tapped her shoulder and said,"You wait for me at the office for a while. I will deal with some matters first and we will go home together after that."

"Well, go ahead and do your job. Don't worry about me," Fannie said. She waved to Rachel.

Rachel was busy in the company all afternoon. After work was over, Rachel realized that it was getting late.

Rachel stretched herself, looked at the clock and immediately shouted out,"Oh, gosh! I forget that mom is still in the office."

Rachel rushed, opened the door and then saw that her mother had fallen asleep on the chair. Seeing this, Rachel walked toward her, then patted her on the back, and gently said,"Mom, wake up... Let's go?"

Hearing this, Fannie woke up, rubbed her eyes, looked at the sky outside the window and said,"Rachel! it's very late. Let's go."

After leaving the company, Rachel called Hiram.

The phone rang for a while, but Hiram did not answer it. When Rachel was about to hang up, someone picked up the phone.

"Hello, Hiram, where are you?" Rachel asked.

After waiting for a moment, an unfamiliar voice said,"Rachel, this is Flora. I'm out with Hiram. Hiram went to the bathroom and left his phone on the table. Maybe you can call back later?


Rachel was silent. She thought of the messages from Flora that she saw on Hiram's phone that morning. Rachel couldn't help suspecting Hiram. He had asked her to ignore the messages at the time. Now Flora was out with Hiram.

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