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   Chapter 433 Stay With Me On The Bed

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After a night filled with fear and trembling, having sex with Hiram was quite relaxing for Rachel. Later, she fell into a deep sleep and didn't wake until it was dark outside.

However, Hiram didn't spend his day in bed, as he was totally different from her. She always wondered how he could stay so active and energetic. It had always been something she could never comprehend.

Both of them fell asleep around the same time. However, it seemed like he could conduct to refection quickly as if he himself was an energy generator. For instance, he got up a few hours later this time. Then he went running and later deal with his business as usual.

In stark contrast, Rachel spent the entire day sleeping.

She couldn't even get up during the evening. She had planned to visit Celine in the afternoon. However, it was already dark when she woke up.

Rachel called Hardy and asked him how Celine was doing. Hardy told her that Celine was doing great and that she didn't have to come over, because he would look after Celine for her. Uttering a breath of relief, Rachel went to have dinner. She then threw herself on the bed to get some more sleep once again.

It was nearly five o'clock the next morning when Rachel woke up from her sound sleep. After sleeping the entire day and night, she was now sober enough and unable to fall asleep again.

Hiram was sleeping soundly next to Rachel. She stood up, lifting the quilt silently from the bed. Since knew that she couldn't lie down, and be awake without making a noise, so instead, she decided to get up. She didn't want to disturb Hiram and thus, went out of their bedroom tiptoeing to the hallway. Throwing a coat over her shoulders, she went downstairs to check on the kids.

Joyce shared a room with Nadia, while Jonny slept soundly in the room next door.

All of the kids were sleeping peacefully in their rooms. As newcomers to the castle, they felt as if everything was new and exciting. They had an incredible time during the day, and thus found it easy to sleep straight through the night.

Then Rachel opened the door and went outside for a while. It was quite cool outside, just before sunrise, and she felt that she'd better go inside. She went back inside and then upstairs to their bedroom. Lifting the quilt, Hiram opened his eyes before she was able to lay down. "It's still early. Why are you up? Did you sleep well?" he asked drowsily.

"Mmm, yes, I did. However, I can't manage to fall asleep now," Rachel murmured as she leaned her back against his chest and curled up into his arms.

Hiram reached out his hands and held her tightly, out of habit, closing his eyes and whispering in her ears,"Just stay here on the bed with me. It's chilly outside, and you'd better not go out before sunrise."

Rachel gave him a slight nod. Since she didn't plan on sleeping, she reached her hand to grab the phone on the night table. She wanted to browse the internet.

Both her and Hiram's phones were on the table. Grabbing one of the phones randomly, she found that it was Hiram's phone in her hand, she poked him with her elbow and asked,"Hey, I got your phone by mistake. Can I read some news on it, honey?"

Hiram didn't even bother to open his eyes and mumbled,"Just as you like. I have no secrets, and you're free to use my phone without asking."

Hearing his words, Rachel chuckled s

fficult for me to choose!" Celine exclaimed with a surprised expression on her face. She finished her porridge within a few seconds, left the bowl on the table and grabbed the computer.

"I don't know what kind of men you're interested in, so I prepared a very long list of candidates for you. Look, I even marked the ones that I thought would be suitable for you. You can pick the ones you like," Rachel explained and pointed at the small stars that she marked.

Celine could see that Rachel had spent a lot of time on it. She looked at Rachel and said gratefully,"Thank you, Rachel. I don't know how to thank you.

However, I'm scared of getting into a relationship now. I don't want to repeat the past."

Rachel nodded to her slightly. She already thought it over before she came to the hospital.

"Yes, I totally understand. However, the people I had marked are nothing like your ex, and I reckon that you should take a look at them before making up your mind first. They don't care whether you're divorced or not. I didn't say that you should tie the knot as soon as possible. Just go out with them once and get to know them better. You can be friends with them at first. What do you think about my idea?" Rachel persuaded her patiently.

Celine agreed with her, and thought that it was a good idea. She couldn't sit here and wait for her Mr. Right to show up. She needed to move on, and she knew that her heart wouldn't be broken again, especially not after breaking up with an asshole like Philip.

"You're right. It sounds amazing!" Celine said as she pictured the new chapter in her life. She pointed at one of them and exclaimed,"This one, please! Please ask him out for me once I'm out of the hospital!"

Fannie sat on a chair next to the bed and watched the girls talk the time away. She then smiled as though something crossed her mind, and then she said cautiously,"Rachel, what about the doctor we ran into just now? I think he's nice. Besides, he also comes from the Rong Family, right? I wonder whether he's married."

Rachel and Celine, who were scrolling through the list, raised their heads at the same time and looked at Fannie.

"Well, he's not married," she replied and gave her mother a thoughtful look.

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