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   Chapter 431 The Night Rescue

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It was still early to go to bed by the time Rachel returned to the bedroom, so she decided to call Celine while Hiram was taking a shower.

She wanted to ask Celine to speak to the PhD the next day.

Rachel stayed on the line as the call connected, but nobody answered at the other end.

She tried calling twice but the calls went unanswered.

'That's strange! Celine rarely stays in bed this early, ' thought Rachel. After sometime she tried calling again, but, still, nobody answered.

Rachel was filled with a sense of foreboding and walked around the room to shake it off. She had last met Celine at the bar just two days ago, and they hadn't spoken since.

Rachel accosted Hiram just as he walked out of the bathroom,"Hiram, I called Celine's house several times, but she hasn't answered. And she didn't even call back! I am beginning to worry!"

Hiram tied his bathrobe as he pondered about what to do. "Why don't you call your colleagues and ask them if Celine came to the office today?" he asked.

"Oh, yes! I can call Fiona or Michael!" With that, Rachel found Fiona's number on her phone and dialed.

'At least Fiona would give me some information about Celine. I could ask her whether Celine came in or whether she seemed okay yesterday, ' mulled Rachel.

The line connected. "Hello, Fiona! Has Celine come to the office today? Oh, and what about yesterday? Oh! Okay. Did she seem normal yesterday?

"Well, got it! Thanks, Fiona!"

Rachel hung up and replayed their conversation in her mind, 'So, Celine didn't come to office today, but she had come yesterday and apparently looked the same as usual.'

Hiram watched Rachel's face contort with worry and tried to reassure her. "Take it easy, Honey. Celine isn't the type of woman to commit suicide for a man."

With those words, Hiram had only succeeded in voicing Rachel's deepest fears. She frantically picked up the phone and dialed Celine's number again.

Still, nobody answered.

"Hiram, I'm worried...This is too much...I am scared for her...'' bleated Rachel anxiously.

Hiram couldn't bear to see Rachel in such turmoil and offered,"Give me Celine's address and I'll have a staff member swing by her place. Don't worry, everything will be just fine."

Rachel thought it was a great idea to send someone to Celine's apartment to check on her. She promptly fished out her address and gave it to Hiram.

Since they lived quite far from Celine's apartment in West Mountain District, this would be the quickest solution.

Twenty minutes

pened to Celine, then Rachel would be grievously heart-broken. If that were to happen, he would kill Philip.

Soon after, the door of the Emergency Room opened, and the doctor stepped out. He took off his surgical mask and sighed in relief. "The patient is out of danger now. Fortunately, you got her here just in time," he said.

Rachel let go of Hiram and ran to the doctor, grabbed his coat weeping with joy,"Thank you, Doctor! Thank you so much!

Can I go inside and see her now?" she cried eagerly.

The doctor waved her off sternly and replied,"Not now because she is still in the ER." Seeing her crestfallen face he softened, and added,"You can visit her once she is transferred to the General Ward. She will make a full recovery after a few days of complete bed-rest." Then he turned to the nurse and issued her the medical prescription for Celine.

Rachel could barely contain herself and ran to hug Hiram.

"I told you that she would be fine! Don't cry anymore, sweetheart, you're breaking my heart," said Hiram, as he wiped her tears away.

Rachel nodded, her eyes sparkled with tears of happiness,"I'm so glad she is out of danger."

"Trust me, everything will be fine," Hiram comforted her, holding her close.

"Honey, wait for me here please. Let me go check with the doctor in the General Ward and make arrangements for Celine. Hardy is on duty today, I'll request him to take care of her personally," said Hiram

Rachel took a deep breath, finally recovering from the ordeal. She said with a smile,"Sure, go ahead. I'll be right here."

Several minutes after Hiram had left to negotiate the logistics, Celine was wheeled out of the Emergency Room.

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