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   Chapter 430 Rachel Accompanied Hiram.

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Rachel hugged Hiram gently from the behind and joked: "Sir, Are you feeling lonely sitting here?"

Hiram held her hands, and laughed gently,"Absolutely Yes. Or else, why would I ask you to come here?"

Delighted by his reply, Rachel planted a kiss on his cheeks and sat next to him.

Hiram held her by his side, handed her a tablet and said,"Take a look at these profiles. Here are some bachelors from our company and cooperative associations. Some of them are successful businessmen. Now you can introduce them to your best friend, and it's Okay if your friend can select anyone among these."

Rachel immediately took the tablet from Hiram. She locked herself in his arms more comfortably and eagerly checked the information in the screen.

She figured out that the information provided was detailed and appropriate. It covered everything important, such as photos, height, weight and hobbies.

Rachel said "Wow. Great. I would be happy if you could really help Celine to find her love and get married successfully. I would be grateful to you and do something in return." She then touched his fine face with pride.

Hearing her words, Hiram snickered,"Awe! Really?"

"Obviously. I always mean what I say!" Rachel said firmly.

"Good. I feel that Celine could meet these two candidates in person first because I think their characters match well with hers." Hiram said as he took the tablet computer and introduced one of the two men to Rachel.

Rachel was amused after looking at the profile in the screen,"A doctor? Will Celine match his expectations?"

Hiram justified "Now that Celine has the need to find a partner, she should find a good one. This man is very gentle and always treats people with compassion. Having completed his studies from abroad, he is a broad-minded guy and would not bother much about Celine's past life. She should definitely give a try."

Then he turned over another page in the screen,"This man is also worth considering. Although he is a divorcee, he is very considerate and is good at taking care of people. But he is ten years older than Celine, which we need to think about. What do you say?"

Rachel looked at the men Hiram suggested and felt that they were really good,"Well. They are Okay. I will surely tell Celine to meet them tomorrow!"

Celine and Rachel were in the same age, but Rachel was a mother now wh

nted to figure out how did he feel at that moment.

However, she was grateful to the almighty for giving her such a genuine husband.

Hiram splintered his fingers in front of Rachel to grab her attention, and asked,"What are you thinking about? You are preoccupied in your own thoughts. It's late now. And it's getting cold. Let's go to the bedroom."

Rachel extended her arms lovingly.

"Honey. I want you to hold me."

Hiram heaved a sigh, carried her like a princess and directed himself to the elevator.

After leaving the elevator, Hiram met Fannie, who had just gone up, when he was carrying Rachel to the room.

Fannie covered her eyes with her hands as soon as she witnessed the scene,"Hey. Rachel, you are already old enough. Don't you feel shy to make Hiram hold you!"

Rachel, who was enjoying her husband's warmth, suddenly raised up as she heard her mother's voice.

"Uh-huh, mum... What are you doing here till now? What made you stay so late?" She asked awkwardly.

Fannie looked at the couple heartily, and said,"Nothing. I came here to see if you are still awake. I just wanted to talk to you. It's late already. I'm leaving for my room. Good night!"As soon as Fannie left, Rachel gazed Hiram with a disapproving face.

As soon as Fannie left, Rachel gazed Hiram with a disapproving face.

"Why are you staring at me? I saw mum as soon as I got down the steps. I was helpless by then and it was too late to remind you " Hiram said in a soft voice. Then he held her hands tightly and headed towards the bedroom to caress his seductive wife.

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