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   Chapter 429 How Could You Find A Perfect Husband Like Him

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Marlon watched Rachel walking out of the café, seeming like he wanted to say something, but decided against it after a second thought. There were so many things he wanted to tell her- things that he would dig up from the insides of his heart, but alas, timing had never been on his side. Now he understood why his heart clenches at the sight of her, and why he wouldn't be able to say them to her the rest of his life. But now, all he could do was say goodbye to her with his eyes, burning the image of her into his memory.

"And here you said she was just a friend?" Eve broke into the silent pain of his thoughts. "You should see the look on your face. You look like your heart has gone with her," she said, shaking her head. Eve watched Marlon as he followed Rachel with his gaze with a lost expression, and at once she felt an anxious, gnawing feeling rise in her.

Marlon scoffed at her, exasperated. In an attempt to cover up his own feelings, he said lazily,"Whatever you say. I don't give a damn."

Then he turned around, heading to the door.

"Hey, you! Don't just walk away like that! What do you mean? Make your words clear!" Eve shouted from behind him.

She walked quickly and followed him, annoyed at his brushing off.

Meanwhile, Rachel was sitting inside the car, and she witnessed everything that happened. She leaned her head back into her seat and heaved a sigh. "Carl, don't mention a word to Hiram. I don't want to upset him."

"Got it. My lips are sealed," Carl assured her. "But you know, somehow I feel sorry for that Mr. Xi. With such a jealous fiancée, I could understand why he wouldn't feel like getting married. Even he probably knows that he'll live a miserable life if he ever marries that woman. What a pity." Carl rambled on, not without reason.

He sighed deeply and shook his head, starting the car.

As far as he had known and witnessed, if a man really cared about a woman, he would keep her on his mind every second and would never be tempted by anyone else on her regardless if she was around or not.

Hiram was an example. Even if Rachel seldom asked where he was or interfered with his social engagements, it was a mark of her to trust in him. He had shown his loyalty and faithfulness for more times than one could count.

On the other hand, if a man didn't care about a woman, he would cheat on her, no matter which way she tried to bind him.

Marlon Xi, didn't love his fiancée. It was evident from the way he kept going out with other girls. It was inevitable that he and his fiancée would break up sooner or later.

"Carl, please drive me to Tulip Palace. I want to see the kids," Rachel told to Carl when she realized that they were heading to the Western Mountain Area.

Carl chuckled and replied,"Rachel, Hiram made arrangements for them to be picked up early in the morning. They're at the castle now."

There was one more person, but Carl kept it to himself. Hiram had also sent a driver for Fannie at XH Village, and Rachel had no idea. It was surely going to be a pleasant surprise.

A moment later, they arrived at the RaR Castle.

Rachel had a lot of questions in her mind as she was coming up to the castle. Hiram never mentioned anything to her about picking up the kids. Walking absentmindedly, she reached the door and pushed it open, only to feel her ear being pulled. She let out a surprised gasp.

It was Fannie. Her voice was nagging as she exclaimed an outbreak of reprimands. "You naughty girl! When did you come back? Why didn't you tell me? Have you forgotten that you still have a mother?

If Hiram didn't send a driver to take me here, I would have never known that you had come back!

What an idiot you are! I did

sold her for money. She does not deserve that future." Rachel said firmly.

Fannie put a hand on her daughter's back. "You did the right thing, Rachel, but raising her here with your family isn't a permanent solution. You already have two kids to care for. It would be better find a suitable family to adopt her. It would be best both for your family and her."

Rachel recognized the truth of her mother's words. "Yes, I know. Hiram and I had been talking about it. He mentioned once that Shirley's sister-in-law would be a good option. She only has one son, and she wants a girl, but is unable to give birth to because of her physical condition. I'll invite her over some day and talk things out with her. If she's willing to adopt Nadia, we will let her go," Rachel explained.

The truth of the matter was that she wanted, deep in her heart, to adopt Nadia, but both Hiram and her mother were right.

She already has Jonny and Joyce, and all three of them were about the same age. She wouldn't be able to take good care of three children at the same time. Not meeting all their needs would be worse than letting Nadia go to a good family.

"That sounds like a good idea," Fannie nodded her head. If it worked, it would be good for Nadia.

Soon after, it was time for dinner.

The kids had enjoyed themselves so much in the castle at day, and all of them were exhausted. They went straight to bed right after dinner.

Rachel took the elevator to the top floor. Hiram sent her a message saying that he was waiting for her there.

The top floor was divided into two parts. One half was suspended with a plexiglass ceiling, and there was a 360-degree view of the horizon. It would stay warm even in winter, and one could enjoy sitting there to watch the snow on the mountains with a glass of wine.

The other half was open to the sky, and it would be a perfect place for the summer when it got warm, to enjoy the cool breeze and the starry night sky. Fresh air was blowing from the mountains, purifying not only one's lungs, but also one's heart.

When she got there, she caught her husband sitting on the burly wood couch in the open air. He was wearing a black shirt, which made his figure melt into the dark night. In one fluid gesture, he raised his hand and waved to her, the diamond button on his sleeve shining along with the stars.

The wind on the mountain top was strong. Rachel wrapped herself tightly in her coat and walked to him with a smile.

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