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   Chapter 428 A Misunderstanding At The Airport

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"What is it? Why are you looking at me like that?" Rachel blinked, looking at him.

Hiram sneered,"It seems that you really care about Marlon."

Rachel didn't understand what Hiram meant until she gave it a thought, and replied,"Hey, don't say that! You're just being jealous. I mean, Marlon helped me once. And I've promised myself that I'll return the favor if he ever comes here."

"Oh, is that so? So you will always be indebted to him because he helped you once? Then you must always be beholden to Daniel for saving your life. And what about me? Don't you think you owe me too? I think I'm the one who helped you out the most. Don't you think?"

beseeched Hiram, as he stared lovingly at Rachel.

Rachel pretended to cough as she avoided his gaze. She put her arms around his waist, rested her head against his broad chest, and sighed,"Of course, I know that, Hiram. I spend most of my time with you. Don't you see that?"

The truth was that in their relationship, Hiram and Rachel didn't owe each other anything. They were perfect for each other, eternally, and nothing in the world could tear them apart.

The hot afternoon sun was blazing when

Rachel arrived at the meeting place, where she had agreed to meet Marlon. As always, she had arrived on time.

"You're such a stickler for time, Rachel! I board in ten minutes!" teased Marlon, as soon as he saw her. He had been waiting for her at the coffee shop near the airport.

Rachel pulled out a chair and sat down to catch her breath. "I tried my best, Marlon! Besides, this isn't the last time I see you, you know! I am sure we will meet again,"

said Rachel, as she took a sip of water from the glass to quench her parched tongue. She had been in a hurry to reach the airport and hadn't had time for even a drop of water.

"Who knows when I will ever have the pleasure to have President Rong's wife, herself, come to receive me and see me off! Hiram has been tolerant of my presence, this time, but next time, he may get jealous and then I would be left to perish," professed Marlon, shaking his foot casually.

Rachel was caught off guard and didn't know how to respond. Marlon was right. Hiram had been very considerate about helping Marlon this time because he owed the latter for helping him find her. He had been generous enough to let Rachel see him off at the airport.

She finally blurted,"Let's think about that next time! What's your plan this…" and stopped abruptly when she noticed a tiny red stain on his collar. She prodded slyly,"Marlon, you seemed to have enjoyed your last night in H City very much, didn't you?"


that clear? Now stop this nonsense! You're being ridiculous!"

Marlon's words only worsened the situation. Eve slurred in rage,"You have nothing to do with her? I'll tell you what. No one is buying your lies. I bet you have fallen in love with her! Whenever we fought about all the other women, in the past, you never took my words personally. But, the last two times we fought over Rachel you got very defensive!

You never did that before! How could you say, so shamelessly, that you have nothing for her?"

The frown on Marlon's face deepened as he listened to her tirade. "Eve, you're just chopping logic!" he tried to reason with her.

"Chopping logic? I don't think so. What I can see is that this woman is different from other women you have had. And clearly, she is very special to you!" Eve shouted spitefully, her words dripping with delirious envy.

She had been jealous of all the previous women, but Marlon invariably got tired of them in a few days. Familiar with his heedless ways she had felt secure, but now she was devastated.

Rachel had been silently watching the confrontation between Eve and Marlon, but she had had enough. "It is time I take your leave, Marlon. See you,"

Rachel interjected, then turned to face Eve.

"Eve, I have a husband and I love him very much. Besides, I have two wonderful children with him. There is no need to implicate me in this matter. And you don't need to be mad at Marlon because of me." She concluded her words, then turned back to Marlon and added,"Today is the last time we see each other, Marlon. If we don't have anything important to discuss further, I suggest we cut off all ties in the future."

She walked out of the coffee shop to where Carl waited with the car.

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