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   Chapter 427 Who Says You Can Go To Sleep

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Words failed Rachel for a second upon hearing what Hiram said. Her eyebrows shot up in surprise.

She lay on the backseat, exhausted, after an intense love-making. 'His needs haven't been satisfied?' she thought to herself, not without a sting, while gripping the suit jacket. Her fingers dug into the material, crumpling its once smooth folds.

She was confused about what happened. Everything went so fast and without warning. It had been a while. She had prevented him from touching her for a time as revenge for him tricking her deliberately.

But to her surprise, they made love today.

Rachel racked her brains, her confusion growing. Her thoughts were a tangle as she tried to find an explanation on how things happened, but she got no answer. She couldn't even remember exactly when she walked into Hiram's trap.

The car slowed to a stop, and Rachel was shaken out of her thoughts by the slight start from it. She sat up and wrapped herself tightly in Hiram's jacket. He had opened the door for her.

"I can walk by myself..." she said, but held his hand as she got off the car. She looked around, and her heart missed a beat when she saw where they were.

RaR Castle?

Servants had already opened the gate at the sound of their car pulling over the driveway. They stood in two perfectly straight lines, bowed once, and said simultaneously,"Sir, madam, welcome!

"We have cleaned up the room upstairs for you." "Sir, madam, would you like a midnight snack?" the butler asked.

"Yes!" Rachel replied almost too quickly. Hiram looked at her, cocking one eyebrow.

She didn't eat much in Flora's house, and she had been hungry after all the "working out" that she and Hiram did.

"Go and prepare it. When dinner is ready, send it to our room," Hiram said. As he spoke, Rachel was surprised to feel his arms going around her. Before she could protest, he had carried her in his arms to the direction of the elevator. She glanced at him, her face wearing a silent question. "You're too slow," Hiram said, as if carrying her was the most normal thing to do.

Rachel let him. She had been in the castle only twice, and her curiosity about the place was growing with every step. When they entered their room, she jumped down from Hiram's arm and ran straight to the French windows, opening the curtain and taking in the beautiful scenery outside. The sky was very dark, but there were lights that illuminated the whole city.

"It's very late. Why did you suddenly take me here? I might not be able to sleep in such an unfamiliar place." she said, turning to him.

"Who says you can go to sleep?" Hiram held her gaze for a moment, and then walked into the bathroom.

Rachel's eyes widened at his answer. She was in a daze for a few seconds. 'What does he mean by that?' she thought. She could feel her pulse quickening and took deep breaths before


ould let Gavin know the consequences of his meddling.

As a son, he should be obedient to his father. But there was a thin line between familial concern and the desire to control. Gavin has crossed from one side to the other completely, and he wouldn't indulge his absurdity, despite being his son.

Rachel was woken up by the sound of the alarm. She was having a good sleep and gave out a little whine while reaching for her phone. She checked the screen. It was 12:00.

'It's still early, ' she thought, so she turned off the alarm on her phone and went back to sleep again.

Later, the door was pushed open.

After some time Hiram went upstairs to wake her up himself. She still hadn't gotten up despite the alarm.

"Honey? It's time to have lunch." He pulled the quilt away from her head and whispered to her ears.

Rachel shook her head with eyes closed and murmured, her voice thick with drowsiness,"It's still early. Let me sleep for one more hour..."

"No. It will take at least one hour to drive to H City, and you also have to account for traffic on the way to the airport. Come on, get up," he coaxed, moving closer to her. When Rachel still refused to budge, Hiram's lips lifted to a smirk.

"Well, it's fine. If you really don't want to get up, tell Marlon that you can't see him off. That would be all the better for me," he said, a grin breaking into his face when he felt Rachel stir.

Rachel opened her eyes at his words. She had to get up. She had already said that she would see him off.

The young successor of the Xi family may have betrayed her before for Hiram's offer, but there was no denying that he had indeed helped her. At the very least, she would acknowledge that favor and see him off.

Favors given by others are the hardest thing to return.

Daniel also had helped her greatly, but she had yet to return it back.

Rachel sat up and saw Hiram staring at her.

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