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   Chapter 426 Never Enough Fun

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Hiram was standing in the door obstructing Rachel's path, she tried to push past but to no avail. Having run out of ideas, she ducked under his arm and squeezed herself into the room. Flora stood inside holding a photo album in her hands. Rachel noted the album and walked over to her asking,"What's that? Can I have a look?"

Without warning, a hiccup escaped her throat as she took the album. Rachel had poured herself another glass of wine and drained it when Hiram was walking to Flora just now.

Afraid that he would stop her when he noticed her thirsting for wine, she took a big gulp and almost choked.

She gazed at the photo Flora mentioned, for a while, and pointed at the prettiest girl asking,"Let me guess ... This is definitely you, Flora! Am I right?"

Flora nodded her head lightly as she stole a glance at Hiram.

"Wow! You looked so pretty in college, perhaps even the prettiest one amongst all the girls," Rachel blurted out. The very next second, she realized her faux pas and hurriedly clarified,"I mean, you always look pretty! You were pretty then, and you look prettier now!"

But, the person who caught her eye, in the photo, was not Flora, but the man standing in the middle- her husband, Hiram.


it was due to the wine that Rachel's eyes now fixed on the girl standing on the other side of her husband in the picture. She peered at the album in her hands and walked toward Hiram asking,"Honey, who is the other girl standing beside you?"

Hiram, who had been observing Rachel with a smile, averted his eyes from her and bowed his head to take a closer look at the photo. He stared at the person but couldn't remember who she was, and replied with uncertainty,"Maybe a junior schoolmate, but I can't seem to recall her name."

Rachel stood on tiptoe and flung her arms around his neck, she gazed at him with her glittering black eyes and grumbled in disbelief,"Just a junior schoolmate, you say? I don't believe you! I bet you went out with her?"

"As far as I can remember- no, I didn't," he replied honestly. Even though he had a frown on his face, he was secretly pleased that Rachel appeared jealous. "If you don't believe me, just ask Flora, she was my college classmate after all. As I said earlier, I didn't date anyone in college."

Rachel looked over her shoulder at Flora and queried,"Really? Flora? Can I trust him?"

Caught in the middle of the couple's intimacy, Flora tried to organize her senses enough to fake a smile and replied,"Yes, Hiram was the scholar-tyrant at college. He always turned up his nose at us all. Perhaps we were too ordinary to draw his attention."

"Oh," Rachel said before turning back to grin at Hiram. With her arms still wrapped around his neck, she kissed him on the cheek and purred,"It's nice to know that you were mine even before we got married."

"Mmm ... I'm all yours," Hiram whispered, his breath rustling against her hair. He could feel her face burning and

hout understanding what was happening. Hiram began kissing her hungrily. She tried to push him away shrieking,"Leave me alone, please! It's so hot, I just want to feel something cold! Your neck is so cool I just want... Wait! What are you doing? Why are you taking off my clothes?"

"Quiet! Dare you say another word," hissed Hiram.

"I ..." Rachel objected but Hiram's lips pressed against hers.

Outside, in the dead of the night, not a sound could be heard except for the rustling of leaves.

Chad stood outside on-duty, he checked his watch and found that it was a little past midnight.

'They still aren't done? Hiram must have a lot of stamina!' he wondered.

Finally, he heard the car door click open and turned immediately.

"Chad, I've called Carl to come here and pick you up. I'll drive the car myself. Good night," said Hiram as he got off the car. He popped opened the driver's door and got in, and drove away from the unknown alley that they had occupied for the past two hours.

The light from the street lamps shone onto the back seat, in repeated intervals, where Rachel lay covered under Hiram's coat. She raised her head to look at the man driving the car, and then her eyes moved to the roof of the car.

"Pull over at a round-the-clock pharmacy. I'll go inside and grab some morning-after pills," she said in a low voice.

Glancing at her in the rearview mirror, Hiram replied reassuringly,"I believe it's your 'safe period' now. So relax, I don't think that you need to take any pills."

Rachel blinked her eyes at him and calculated her cycle days in her mind. It seemed that he knew her better than she knew herself, but she wondered why.

"Ah! But where are we heading? This is not the way home.." she exclaimed suddenly and sat up. She noticed that they were driving on an unfamiliar road. It wasn't the way to Tulip Palace.

The next second, she heard Hiram say breezily,"You're right! I haven't had enough of you just yet."

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