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   Chapter 425 A Scheming Woman

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Letting go of Hiram's hands, Rachel walked into the kitchen. As she rolled her sleeves up, she asked,"Flora, do you need any help?"

When Flora saw her, she pushed Rachel out of the room and exclaimed,"No, no, no! How could I ask for your help? You're my guest. All you have to do is sit and relax on the sofa. I can handle everything here. These dishes are just a piece of cake for me! Don't worry."

As she was an experienced chef, this amount of dishes was not really a big deal for her.

Looking around the kitchen, Rachel could easily see everything was really clean and there were no greasy stains. In fact, she had to admit that Flora was graceful in the drawing room and skillful in the kitchen.

So she walked out of there, since she couldn't do anything to help Flora.

In the meantime, Hiram was browsing for books on the bookshelf in the living room.

Only a few minutes later, Flora walked out of the kitchen, boldly and gracefully carrying two dishes on her hands.

"You like this novel too? It's written by Herman Melville!" Holding the book in his hand, Hiram took a quick look at Flora, who was placing the dishes on the table, and said.

"Uh-huh. I think it's a great novel about humanity. The truth is that hatred can help realize one's potential, but it could also destroy a person." Smiling warmly, Flora shared her idea with Hiram.

Sitting on the sofa, Rachel lowered slightly her head to see which book they were talking about.

Moby Dick?!

She hadn't read that book.

"Oh, right. I have two other French literary classics books here. They're limited editions. Come and check them out!" said Flora. Her interest seemed to be aroused by Hiram's question. So, like a swift cat, she went to the bookshelf, took out two thick books and handed them to Hiram.

Interested and impatient, Hiram grabbed them in his hands.

"You can stay here and read them. I need to bring other dishes to the table." Gifting Hiram with a dazzling smile, Flora walked towards the kitchen.

Meanwhile, Rachel, who was still on the sofa, was eating sunflower seeds. Although she was reading a book too, as a matter of fact, she couldn't quite understand it, as it was written in English

Going to college had been a hard earned luxury for Rachel. And yet, Fannie worked very hard to be able to pay the tuition and support her daughter. Unlike Hiram and Flora, Rachel didn't have the lucky opportunity to study abroad, let alone learning foreign languages.

"Hiram, the dinner is ready!" Flora called Hiram with her gentlest voice, as she had already brought all the dishes.

Now Rachel was feeling extremely thirsty, because she ate too many sunflower seeds. So she took a glass of water, but the way Flora spoke to her man in the meantime almost made poor Rachel choke with the water. 'How come she called Hiram, as though he's her husband?' Rachel was jealous.

"These two books are good. Once I saw them in a senior philanthropist's house, whi

m,"Hiram, come here and check this out!"

So he had no alternative, but to stand up.

Hesitant, he stood in front of the door of Flora's bedroom, but didn't walk into it. Seeing him, Flora showed him the photo album and said,"Come on in. Look! I still have these pictures. You haven't seen most of them."

"Uh-huh. Flora, it's late now. I need to go back home with Rachel. You have a good rest too. Thank you for your hospitality tonight," said Hiram. He was still standing next to the door, looking determined not to walk in.

After putting an effort to "swallow" her surprise, Flora smiled,"Why?... Why are you in such a hurry? These are the pictures we took at college. They won't take you so much time. Besides, it's still early now. You seldom come to visit me. Why don't you stay a bit longer?"

Walking slowly towards Hiram, Flora said in a catty voice,"Hiram, you're the only friend I have in H City. I don't want to disturb your life and I do hope you don't misunderstand me. It's just that I don't want to lose a friend like you.

If you think I'm causing troubles for you, please let me know now and I won't bother you any more!"

Wearing a disappointed expression, Flora lowered her head and sighed.

Hiram furrowed his eyebrows,"I didn't mean that. It's just… Rachel feels uncomfortable. I want to take her home, so she can have a rest."

Completely disregarding his words, Flora lifted her head, smiled, as though nothing had happened, and continued working on her own obsessive goals. "Hiram, I hope you still regard me as your friend. If you have any problem or you ever need to talk to someone, I want you to know that you're always welcome, okay?"

No answer followed, as Hiram just closed his eyes, focusing on one thing and one thing only —— how to get out of here.

At this very moment, someone ran straight to him. It was Rachel. She walked into the bedroom, perkily asking like a little girl,"What are you reading? Can I have a look too?"

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