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   Chapter 424 The Drug Effect

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Rachel paused, only to take a sip of her juice, and shot back,"Nonsense! If you think that I want to have sex with you just because I looked at you a few times, then you must be lusting after me endlessly because your eyes are always glued on me!"

"Whatever you say, Rachel," said Hiram with a smile.

Rachel leaned back against the sofa while nursing the glass of juice in her hands. She was so bored she stood up to walk around the room.

A moment later, Ben knocked on the door and walked in.

He walked to Hiram and said,"Mr Rong, Miss Flora is waiting for you outside."

Hiram stopped writing and said, without raising his head,"Tell her I am busy now. I'll call her when I am free."

"Yes, sir," Ben nodded and turned to leave.

Just then, Rachel, who was standing in front of the window, walked over and asked,"Is Flora here? Hiram, why don't you ask her in? She might have something urgent to tell you."

Rachel had been looking for something to end her boredom whilst she trudged about in Hiram's office. And now, Flora's arrival had sparked her curiosity.

"Ben, please ask her in," instructed Rachel, then walked up to Hiram and said,"Since your confidante has arrived, it's better for me to hide for a while. Otherwise, she wouldn't dare confess to you."

With that, Rachel strode into the suite leaving the door ajar and hid behind it, within earshot of their conversation.

Hiram set down his pen, glanced at the door of the suite that stood ajar and shook his head thinking, 'This woman is playing tricks again.'

And at that moment the door of his office swung open.

Flora walked in with a delicate paper bag in her hand, smiling, as she approached him. "Hiram, I am yet to formally express my thanks to you for all your help," she gushed. "I made some snacks and brought them for you. You can have some when you feel hungry at the office."

"Wow! Thanks! You're so kind," replied Hiram, embarrassed, and continued,"It's not a big deal. Don't mention it. Now come and have a seat, Flora," said Hiram pointing at the chair.

Flora smoothened her long skirt and sat down with a smile and queried,"Where is Rachel? I haven't thanked her for accompanying me to the hospital last time. I wanted to know that If I invite you both to my apartment, would you come? I'll prepare a nice meal for you to show my gratitude," she said.

Hiram's eyes darted towards the door of the suite before replying with a smile "Sure, I will ask Rachel about it later.

at her as she leaned against his shoulder and held his palm up to her forehead. "You don't seem to be feverish," he said as he checked her temperature.

Rachel shook her head,"I'm not sick Hiram, but I feel a little bloated and it's making me uncomfortable."

He frowned for a moment before bursting into a short laugh. "Then let it out! I don't mind," he teased.

Rachel couldn't help but laugh along. She poked him on the head in mock protest and said,"What are you talking about?! I'm not going to fart, you scoundrel! It's something else which I don't know how to describe."

"Let's go to the hospital tomorrow and ask the doctor to conduct a thorough check-up," the concern was evident in Hiram's voice as he bent down to kiss her on the head.

'What a calm and composed woman!' he admired silently.

"Don't worry about it. I'll just take a nap. Please wake me up when we arrive." That said, Rachel closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep in his arms.

Chad drove them to Flora's apartment, and they arrived a short while later.

Chad then handed Hiram a basket of fruits, as a customary gift, for Flora and went on ahead to knock on her door.

Flora answered the door and exclaimed,"Hiram! Rachel! Come on in!"

Rachel walked in with Hiram, still holding his arm.

Rachel observed that everything in Flora's house was organized and maintained. It was obvious that the hostess strove to keep it clean and tidy. The house was very cozy and had a homely vibe.

"Hiram! Rachel! Please make yourselves comfortable. The food will be ready soon," Flora said with a smile, while she donned her apron and walked off towards the kitchen.

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