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   Chapter 422 Who Was Injured

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Rachel stood before Celine in order to protect her, as she saw the police approaching them ghastly.

However, Celine pulled Rachel away and comforted her by saying,"Rachel, it isn't a big deal, really! I beat her only because I had too much to drink. The only low point here is the two-day detention, nothing else, really!"

"You silly girl, I will never leave you alone! Ever!"

Rachel said firmly. At that exact moment, a man rushed in started asking questions to a witness anxiously,"Who is injured? !"

It was Hiram, who had just barged in hastily. When he asked, the witness pointed towards a woman, who was holding her head in her hands. Without a slightest hint of hesitation, Hiram pulled away the woman's hands from her head to find out if it was Rachel.

The woman instantly got very annoyed, as Hiram grasped her hands, but at the same time she was attracted by Hiram's face.

"Hey, what's up?" the woman asked in a low, quivering voice.

Hiram immediately shook her hands off as soon as he realized it wasn't Rachel.

He took a sigh of relief and turned around to see where Rachel really was. He glanced around the room, and finally saw Rachel sitting on a sofa.

As soon as their eyes met, Rachel walked towards Hiram and said,"How did you manage to come here so soon?"

Hiram didn't say a word but just checked out Rachel from top to bottom and then turned her around to check her back. He was relieved once he made sure that Rachel wasn't hurt. He then replied to her question,"I wasn't far from here. What happened, tell me?"

Sweeping over Celine and Philip, Rachel explained,"Celine and Philip had broken up, not long ago though, and as soon as she found out that Philip was already dating some girl, she lost her cool. She was very drunk and angry, so she beat up that girl out of momentary impulse."

Hiram was not surprised by her behavior, as Celine was pretty much capable of pulling something like this. Precisely, a moment later, two policemen walked in and intended to take Celine back to the police station.

On seeing this, Rachel stood before Celine and asked the two policemen,"Sir, can we coordinate it between ourselves? It's an emotional dispute not a physical one. We will cover the costs of both, physical and mental treatment for her. Please just don't take Celine away."

Hiram pulled Rachel near him and whispered into her ears,"Dear, they have to investigate it thoroughly. For now, let them take Celine back to the police station, and I will take care of the rest."

On seeing Celine being taken awa

the Mr. Right for Celine.

Hiram sighed and took Rachel to the car parked by the roadside. "Okay, I will do something about it since I've promised you."

"Can we please go to the police station? I would want to drive Celine home after she resolves her troubles," Rachel asked Hiram, as she held his arm and looked at him beseechingly.

"… Fine!" Hiram agreed as he saw Rachel's bright twinkly eyes.

They soon reached the police station. As soon as Celine finished her oral confession, they drove her home and went back to the Tulip Palace.

It got pretty late by the time they reached home.

Rachel was just about to sleep when Hiram poured a glass of red wine for her and said,"Red wine will help sleep."

Leaning back against the headboard, Rachel almost dozed off. She tried really hard to keep her eyes open and take the glass but she was failing miserably.

She yawned and said,"Why are you giving me this glass of wine? Did you put ecstasy or something in this red wine?"

Rachel said playfully and took a sip.

It tasted delectable. The red wine Hiram picked always turned out to be good.

Hiram remained quiet even after listening to Rachel's question. He sat on a chair next to the bed, while he shook the glass of red wine and looked at Rachel with a smirk.

"You looked very tired. I give you the wine just to help you relax, or you'd end up having nightmares."

"Really? Is that why you gave me the wine? I think you just want to get me drunk and do something… Um?!" Before she could even finish her sentence, she took yet another sip of her wine and left the sentence incomplete.

She thought to herself that what Hiram wanted to do was more than helping her relax.

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