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   Chapter 421 She Got Into A Trouble During Her Day Off

Happy Together By Vegetable Characters: 10075

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"Celine! Calm down!"

Rachel stopped her friend, who had drank lots of beer and now, visibly intoxicated, was angrily running towards the table in the corner, holding a beer bottle in her hand.

"Rachel, I can't do that! I broke up with him just one month ago. One month! How could he hang out with another woman in such a short time!" Breaking free from Rachel`s grip, Celine hurried forward, looking furious and completely out of control.

It was just unfair. Why should she feel sad about their break-up, while Philip was flirting with that other woman and visibly having a great time? No, she couldn't put up with all that.

Being worried about Celine and what she might do, Rachel followed her steadily like a shadow.

"Philip, tell me. Who is she?" Celine stood boldly in front of him, pointing with a finger at the woman who was sitting right across Philip. Her competitor looked few years younger than Celine.

Caught by a surprise, as he didn't expect to see his ex lover here, Philip stammered,"Ce… Celine? What are you doing here?"

"That`s not important now. I remembered that you told me you needed space and it`d be better if we both take some time to calm down. It has been just one month since all that.... Who is this lady? Tell me! Who is she? !"

Celine yelled in Philip`s face, with scary anger in her tone.

As he lowered his head, he sighed,"Celine, I'm sorry, dear. But when my family found out about your situation, they all asked me to break up with you. I… I just… I'm really sorry! To tell you the truth, my mom introduced her to me. So we met on a blind date. This is actually the second time we go out."

"Wait! What are you trying to say? The second time?! You already went out once?"

What Philip tried to explain, calmly and with compassion, was totally unacceptable to Celine. Grabbing his collar angrily, she hissed like a snake,"We've been together for one year. Aren't the things going well between us? Yes, I have a failed marriage behind my back. It was just because I met the wrong guy. That couldn't be the reason to give up on what we have. You can't blame it all on me. Why couldn't you just forgive me once and for all, so we can move on and be happy?"

Releasing himself from Celine's hands, Philip said,"Celine, calm down, please! I did like you. But what my parents said made sense too. I really don't want to disobey them. And the worst is that even if I ignore my parents' condition to leave you and in the end, decide to marry you against their will, you won't have a happy life in our family, because they won't like you."

"Well, don't be so sure! How could we know if things would turn out bad, without giving it a try?" Obsessed and desperate at the same time, Celine clung to Philip's hand again. The thought of letting him go was cutting her like a knife. "After I marry you, I will live with you, not your parents. Your parents! Your parents! .... All the time you talk and care only about them! Why couldn't you pay attention to my feeling

ng occurred to Rachel. She took out her cell phone from the pocket. There were three missed calls and it was already nine thirty in the evening. 'Crap!' Rachel had promised Hiram that she would go back by nine o'clock.


"So you finally remembered to call me, huh? I thought you ran away again." Full of mixed emotions, Hiram was contemplating what else to say.

Looking around like an animal, caught in a trap, Rachel realized she was in the middle of a great big mess and she could hardly hear anything on the phone, as it was very noisy. So she walked away from the crowd and sat on an empty chair, holding Celine meanwhile. "I didn't run away, babe... It's just… I'm in trouble right now. Please, can you come here and help me get out of the situation?"

Hearing Rachel, Hiram sneered,"In trouble? Didn't you tell me that you were going to hang out with your bestie?"

"It's a long story. Anyway, just come here, please. I'm in the Star Bar now." It was hard for Rachel to explain to Hiram in just a few sentences this unbelievable movie-like story that took place.

"Okay, I'll be there right away." Looking at the GPS on his phone, Hiram saw that the Star Bar wasn't far away.

When Rachel missed his first call, Hiram had already checked her location. He was already planning to drive there and pick her up.

As he parked his car on the street, the noise of a police siren ripped the silence around. Lots of police vans were driving towards him.

Then they stopped in front of the door of the Star Bar.

"Chad, remember to tell Kun what happened!" Hiram reminded Chad before opening the car door and quickly hopping out.

Although Hiram didn't exactly know why all those police vans were here, somehow he had the feeling it was because of his Rachel.

When he saw that an ambulance arrived too, his eyebrows furrowed immediately. 'Someone got hurt?

Could it have been Rachel?'

Thinking about this was electrifying his body with worry and he sped up towards the bar.

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