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   Chapter 420 Asked For Leave

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Rachel was busy drinking lemon water. She almost choked when she witnessed Marlon's awkward flirting.

She witnessed Daniel's flirting before. Daniel was a player and a professional womanizer, but she had never seen him as shameless as Marlon was now.

"I'd like to remind you that your girlfriend is right here..." The blue swimsuit beauty glanced over at Marlon. With a smile, she said in a calm voice.

Before Marlon could open his mouth, Rachel immediately responded. "I'm definitely not his girlfriend! He is my customer. We're in H City for business."

Hearing Rachel's response, Marlon shrugged and asked,"May I have your phone number then, please? I don't have any acquaintances in H City. How about you take me around and show me the night view of this spectacular city tonight?"

The blue swimsuit beauty looked at Marlon up and down. He was rather handsome and dressed smartly. She didn't hesitate and took a napkin to write down her phone number on it.

"You really jumped the gun. There are so many pretty women here. Look at this one and that one. Why were you in such a hurry to choose one?" After the beautiful girl in the blue swimsuit left, Rachel said to Marlon with a laugh as she pointed to other women who were passing by.

"Do you believe in destiny? You see, Rachel, there are so many waitresses here. However, they sent her to wait on our table. It's because of destiny. She was brought to me specifically, to meet me." Marlon said. He had his own reason.

Rachel glanced over at Carl who was sitting in the back in silence and said,"Carl, why don't you ask Marlon to set up a date for you?"

Carl was old enough to have a girlfriend, yet he didn't have one. Chad was already married.

Carl immediately waved his hand and replied,"Oh, please don't! Besides, I don't like the women here!"

Hearing his reply, Rachel smiled. She thought that it would be necessary to discuss with Hiram to find a woman for Carl who was too passive to do it himself. Otherwise, he would probably become a bachelor and live alone for the rest of his life.

They finished their lunch. Rachel noticed that Marlon didn't focus on what they were eating. He was too busy looking at beautiful women instead.

"Was the lunch good?" Rachel asked intentionally.

"Yes. It was delicious!" As usual, Marlon uttered without thinking.

When they left, Rachel suddenly wondered what would have happened if Hiram had come to have lunch here? Would he have asked some beautiful woman out?

It was definitely the perfect place to test a man in that regard.

In the car, Marlon started saving the numbers he had collected, on his phone. Although he already explained his understanding of destiny, he had asked for at least three women's numbers.

He said that he had to be prepared against want.

After lunch, Rachel returned to Streams Company with Marlon.

Hiram had sent someone specially to negotiate with Marlon so that Rachel could take a break.

Considering today's particular situation, Hir

althy, but I have come to learn that no rich man would ever settle for me now. Well, I guess that I'll just have to find someone ordinary. As long as we get along with each other, I can settle for average. However, now he wants to break up with me! Why? Why is this so difficult?"

Celine said, as her head leaned against the table. She sounded bitter.

She was married once. However, her previous marriage only lasted for six months. She married based on an impulse. Once they realized that they couldn't get along with each other, they got divorced immediately.

"How about you talk to him again? Philip is a good man. I don't think he is unreasonable." Rachel suggested with knitted eyebrows. They were now living in the modern world and people didn't care about marrying either a divorced man or woman. People would be happy to get married, as long as they were attracted to one another.

"Rach, you haven't realized that men and women are different yet. Women don't mind marrying divorced men, but men on the other hand... They do." Celine forced a slight smile. She then poured herself another cup of beer.

Rachel let out a slight sigh. She took a look around. All of sudden, her gaze froze on a man and a woman who were sitting in the corner of the room.

She suddenly stood up and blocked Celine's sight, as she was about to look in the direction that Rachel stared at.

"Okay, just let it go. If he wanted to break up with you, then just accept it. Celine, you know you deserve a better man, right?"

Rachel regretted her suggestion for Celine to have another talk with Philip, who was now already dating another woman, and to make it worse, in this bar too!

Somehow, Celine had seen them. She didn't feel good after what she had seen. She then pulled Rachel off to another corner. Once she laid eyes on the man she was too familiar with, she immediately stood up.

She took the beer bottle on the table, and without giving it a second thought, walked towards the man and the woman.

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