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   Chapter 419 A Restaurant Befitting Marlon

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Rachel was rendered speechless by him. She took a deep breath before she spoke again- "Do you really think it'll matter?" I have a mind of steel and if I choose to leave you- I will go with or without my luggage!

Hiram sat up on the bed and hissed at her,"What was that? What did you say just now?" "SAY IT AGAIN!"

Rachel wanted to continue but Hiram interrupted her viciously-

"Don't forget the promise you made. You need to compensate me for those 12 days," he reminded her coldly.

Familiar with Rachel's stubborn streak, Hiram decided to end the argument, once and for all, with those words.

The brutality of his words defeated Rachel's courage to speak her mind. She pouted in surrender and said," Fine! Have it your way! Anyway, the only expensive thing I have is what you bought me. The rest are just cheap clothes."

She would keep her promise. Since she had agreed to compensate him, she would be at his beck and call, doing everything he asked her to do.

Hiram's eyebrows relaxed as he heard her words. His savagery had fulfilled its purpose and he felt it was best to let the matter rest, as he noted the time. "Let's forget about it. It's time to sleep- come here now!" he said gently as he lifted the quilt for her.

Rachel took a deep breath, swallowed her unwillingness and walked grudgingly to the bed. She lay down at the very edge of her side and made sure to turn her body away from Hiram.

"What's this for? Are you trying to make space for the kids? They are sleeping very well in their own rooms and we don't need to change that. Now come into my arms!" he groused from behind her. Rachel made no move to acknowledge his urging. Hiram decided to honour his own demands by pulling her, petite frame, into his arms. She didn't stand a chance.

"You can never be free of me, Rachel, not here, not ever. That would be the last thing I expect from you! Do you hear me?" he whispered into her ears as he rested his head against hers.

The next day came, just like the one before it.

Rachel woke early as she did always. Since she had to go out with Hiram soon, she wanted to spend some time with little Jonny and little Joyce, who usually woke up shortly after her.

The children began to stir in their cribs near dawn but remained in torpor till six in the morning. Twins spent their childhood blessed with a perpetual playmate and if one woke, they would wake the other to play with them.

They darted towards the watering can that stood near the garden shed, screeching as they fought over who should get it. "Jonny, let your sister have this one and I will find you another one!" Rachel said ever so gently. After the morning chores, Rachel stepped out to tend to her beloved little garden: her own little paradise. The children had spotted her in the garden and scurried to help. She was watering the flowers when the twins came hurtling out of the house.

She brought another watering-can from the shed and handed it over to her son.

"Joyce! Stop pouring water so hard on the plant. Look! The poor plant is bent down to the ground!" Jonny felt he should guide his older sister if she didn't do things correctly.

Joyce, on the other hand, who had inherited her mother's obstinate nature along with her signature, pouted and said," You don't know how to water plants! Look at the dust on their leaves, I'm just trying to wash it away."

Jonny was not having it! He stuck firmly to his opinion,"No, you're wrong." He had observed his mother in the garden before and remembered her spritzing water at the base of the plant. If Joyce continued pouring water directly on top of the plant, it would slump to the ground.

"No, you're wrong, Joyce!" he persisted. Joyce was not to be put down

Sea City."

"Wonderful! That is so nice of you!" Marlon responded with an equally big smile. Purely out of an old habit, he reached out and patted Rachel on the shoulder. But, he immediately snatched his hand back when he saw Carl glare at him.

To shake off the embarrassment, he glanced down at his watch and noted,"It's nearly eleven, and I am starving. Let's set the job aside for now, and have lunch first, shall we?"

Rachel had known Marlon for very long and had expected this. She grinned and said,"Of course! I have reserved a table at a fancy restaurant, and I believe you will love it!"

Marlon's eyebrows jumped up; clearly taken aback, he said,"Wow, only a few days has past, but you're really surprising me! Thank you!"

"Now let's go! I have another surprise waiting for you!" Rachel replied laughingly. Marlon was a huge foodie, and his eyes would light up every single time he heard anyone talk about food.

The restaurant Rachel had chosen was only a short distance away from the airport and they arrived after a brief journey.

When Marlon stepped inside the restaurant, his eyes widened in awe, while his mouth dangled open; he was almost drooling. Meanwhile, Carl, who walked in behind Marlon, stopped in his tracks and immediately looked down, at the ground, bashfully.

It was also Rachel's first time at the restaurant, and it was luxuriously breath-taking. But, she couldn't afford to behave like the two men; she was a lady.

"So what do you think of the restaurant, Mr. Xi? Are you satisfied?" Rachel asked jokingly.

All the waitresses at the restaurant were walking around, dressed in swim-suits, serving the dishes or pouring out the wine. Marlon nodded as he swallowed a mouth full of saliva and replied,"Wow, I cannot possibly be more satisfied!"

As they sat down, Rachel couldn't help but laugh at his honest and uninhibited reaction and shook her head. She patted Carl lightly on his shoulder; another residual old habit. Marlon made a conspicuous effort to reserve his hands which did not go unnoticed by her.

"Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen! Would you like to see our menu or are you ready to order?" asked a pretty waitress in a turquoise blue swimming suit. She bestowed Marlon with a winning smile as she placed the menu on their table.

"Yes, please!" quipped up Marlon. "But first I need to ask you for a favour- can you do me the honour of giving me your phone number, Gorgeous?" Marlon asked teasingly, and winked at her.

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