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   Chapter 418 You Bold Woman

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"How? Since you have signed the divorce agreement, we're done!" Rachel said, staring at him. Then she turned and went upstairs to leave an independent space for the kids to play with each other.

Hiram immediately caught up with her. He explained, wrapping around her shoulder with his arm,"Honey, I was mad and blurted it out without thinking. But I didn't mean it. How could I bear to part with you?"

He had annoyed her on purpose by telling her that he had signed the agreement. In truth, he hoped that she wouldn't leave him so easily in the future.

He knew that it was impossible to hide the truth from her for a long time.

But he didn't expect that this matter would become an excuse for her to attack him.

"Who knows? Maybe you would find a gentle and well-educated woman who is good at cooking if we break up." Rachel looked at him with an anger filled eyes and continued to walk upstairs.

Hiram frowned. He could do nothing but laugh bitterly at her sarcasm.

'What kind of a woman is she? Her every move manages to touch my heart. I feel all sorts of emotions when I am with her, ' Hiram thought.

On the other side, Rachel had just arrived near the door and was about to open it. Just when she was touching the handle, her cell phone rang diverting her attention.

It was an unfamiliar number. She hesitated for a while before picking it up.

"Hello, who is it?"

she asked. Both the cell phone and the phone number she was using were still the former ones.

She waited for a short while but heard no reply from the other line. Yet she could hear that the caller hadn't hung up yet.

"Hello? If you don't speak, I'm gonna hang up," Rachel said and was about hang up. Hearing the seriousness in her voice, the person on the other side said,"It's me. Hold on!"

Rachel froze for several seconds before she managed to distinguish the voice.

"Marlon? Is that you?" Rachel was a little surprised. Just then, Hiram, who was taking off his clothes, came over.

"Wow, you can recognize my voice!" Marlon said, laughing weirdly.

Hiram put his clothes on the hangers. He looked at her and walked towards the bedhead before taking off his watch and preparing to take a shower.

"Of course I

de over current difficulties.

But he didn't want to let their relationship go beyond friendship.

After about twenty minutes, the bedroom door opened and Rachel walked in.

Joyce and Jonny were tired after playing for a long time, and they were ready to go to bed. Nadia was so tired that she had already fallen asleep.

When Rachel came over, Hiram was reading a book, lying on the bed with his head on one of his arms.

He was keen on reading. No matter how busy he was, he would manage to find some time to read everyday.

Rachel wasn't that patient and would rarely touch a book. But because of Hiram, she had slowly started to read.

"Eee? My watch?" Rachel spotted her Rolex watch with pink diamonds on the table when she had just taken her slippers off and was about to go to bed.

Suddenly, a thought popped into her head.

"Hiram, Where's my luggage? I remember that Carl took it back from the station. Why nobody gave it back to me?" she asked, with a confused expression.

"I threw it away. There was nothing inside except some useless stuff," Hiram said lightly, turning a page of the book.

"What? Rachel was too angry to speak. It was the second time he had thrown her luggage away!

Although there wasn't anything valuable, they had special meaning to her.

"Why should I keep them? Are you going to leave me and use them again?" With this, Hiram put a bookmark on the page he was reading and closed the book. Now Rachel had all his attention.

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