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   Chapter 417 Let's have another baby

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Thinking about this, Rachel felt very upset. She couldn't get it out of her mind.

"Are you jealous?"

Hiram asked, lifting his eyebrows. If he had known that it was so easy to make Rachel jealous, he would have made up some rumors about himself. In that case, Rachel would have come home early to get an explanation from him.

"Yes, I am. I do feel sorry about what happened to Flora, but still...."

Rachel answered, making no bones about her feelings.

"Flora is just a friend of mine, who believes in pure love and disdains the deeds of having love affairs with other people. If there wasn't an emergency, she wouldn't have come to me for help," Hiram explained patiently.

"Oh, is it true?" Rachel looked into Hiram's eyes, not knowing why he looked so steadfast this time. "But from your tone, why do I feel that you and she are more than just friends?"

The fact that he was so sure of Flora's feeling shocked Rachel. 'How can he be so sure?' she wondered.

Rachel's words reminded Hiram of a thing that happened years ago. He looked out of the window and said,"There was a chance for her to take this relationship to a romantic direction, but she refused it. So I am certain that she is not looking for a relationship,"

Hiram said softly, sounding as if this matter had been buried a long time ago. In fact, he sounded like he had nearly forgotten it until Rachel brought it up.

Hiram's words upset Rachel very much. She raised her eyebrows and said to Hiram very angrily,"Hiram, then why do say that your relationship with her is perfectly innocent?

This means that you thought of her in a romantic way!"

Hiram turned his eyes to her and said,"It's not what you think."

"But how am I supposed to take it? You said you had a chance to advance your relationship with her. What chance was it? I want to know it," Rachel asked in great interest, grabbing Hiram's arms.

Ben, who was driving the car, shook his head listening to the conversation. From this, he concluded that one should never bring up former romantic stories to their current girlfriend, or else their girlfriend would definitely start bombarding them with questions.

Since Hiram had brought up this matter to Rachel, he realized he was in trouble. Now Rachel would definitely keep asking for answers even when they were home..

Seeing that Rachel had shown a great interest in his past romantic stories, Hiram decided to tell her the story.

While saying the story, he spoke in a very peaceful and genuine tone.

Hiram had never been in a relationship with any woman before he met Rachel. This was not because he had a low EQ, but because there was no one like Rachel who could turn him on and inspire his masculinity and possessiveness.

During his early days, Flora could

n one of his hands and scratching his head with the other one. It seemed that he had tried every means to pacify the little kid yet nothing worked.

Joyce also gave Nadia a pile of her dolls. But Nadia showed no interest and kept ignoring their efforts.

"Hiram, Rachel, you are finally home! Everything was good with this kid yesterday, but I don't know what happened today. She just kept crying for her mother." Emma sighed and then said,"She won't drink milk nor water, and she has been crying for almost half a day."

Rachel walked over to Nadia, who was crying on the floor and then hugged her before saying,"Nadia, be good and stop crying. Look at me."

Nadia, who was sobbing with her rosy cheek, opened her big watery eyes to see who was holding her. After she saw it was Rachel, she immediately put her arms around her.

"boohoo! Aunt, I want my mom, I want my mom!"

Rachel gently patted her on the shoulders and said,"Okay, Nadia, don't cry anymore. I will contact your mother immediately and ask her to come to take you back as soon as possible, okay?

Stop crying sweetheart. You see, your brother and sister are all waiting for you eagerly."

Hearing Rachel's words, Nadia stopped sobbing. Then, She wiped away her tears and agreed with a nod.

Jonny also came over and said,"Nadia, just take this lollipop, it tastes very sweet."

Nadia took the lollipop and said,"Thanks, Jonny."

"Nadia, you can keep this doll. This doll reminds you of me!" Joyce said, as she came over and gave a cute pink doll to Nadia.

Seeing the reactions of her two kids, Rachel felt very satisfied and proud. They were so thoughtful and smart that they would even take care of their younger friends at such a young age.

"You look so interested in babies. Why don't we just have another one?"

Hiram suggested as he walked over to Rachel.

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