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   Chapter 416 A Female Friend Who Is Having A Tough Time

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"Oh my god, Madam. Don't open the door, okay? Curiosity killed the cat. Just don't open it, do you understand?" Seeing that she was really determined to twist the handle, Ben hurriedly pulled her back for the fear that there was something blood-curdling in the room. In his chest, he felt his heartbeat quicken its pace.

Looking at his scared face, Rachel laughed and gave up. "All right. I promise you that I'll only open this door and give one quick glance at what is inside. Then we'll leave, okay?" she asked.

Mr. Puth had said that she could look around. And Rachel didn't want to pass up this good opportunity which could satisfy her curiosity.

Hearing that she still insisted on opening the door, Ben had to close his eyes. Without any choice left, he nodded and said,"Well, you open it and we'll leave quickly!"

Giving a careful twist, Rachel opened the door as soon as she got his permission. The second it was opened, the wind blew into the room and made the curtain move in its place. To her surprise, what she saw was just an empty room and there was nothing extraordinary about it.

She wanted to walk in and explore the room, but she couldn't. After all, it was Mr. Puth's place. She couldn't casually walk in, pull the drawers and remove the cabinets to see what was inside.

Being curious was a good thing, but she knew there were some boundaries that she needed to remember.

When she finally closed the door, she felt like she heard a voice coming from it. Wanting to see what it was, she started to push it open. But just when she was about to do it, Ben's hand pulled her aside and stopped her.

"Madam, you've seen it. It's just a normal room. We should leave now! Please!" Ben closed the door for her, held her arm and took her away.

"Okay," said Rachel. She had walked around the place, and her curiosity had been satisfied. Now she knew it was time to go back to the meeting room.

When they arrived in the meeting room, the conversation between Hiram and Puth almost came to an end.

"Well, today I have to go. See you next Monday." Hiram stood up and shook hands with Puth.

Rachel also smiled and said goodbye to Puth, then she went downstairs with Hiram.

After getting into the car, Hiram looked at her who was sitting beside him and asked,"You've looked around, so what have you found? Did you notice anything weird?"

Now that he mentioned it, Rachel spent a few seconds and thought back to everything that happened.

"If I was allowed to open the door one by one, I would have found something weird. But after all, I was just a guest, so I felt strange opening the doors in spite of getting the permission. Therefore, no, I have found nothing weird or strange to tell you."

Hiram smiled and humphed. He realized that she had become bolder and b

t would have happened to me!" she said excitedly.

"Don't thank me because this is my responsibility. After all, we've been friend for years," said Hiram in a soft voice which was full of comfort.

Flora had been in a daze for a second when she heard the word "friend". Then she said,"You probably haven't had dinner. How about you come to my place? I'll cook dishes for you to show my gratitude. Will you come?"

Hiram glanced at the car which was parked nearby and said,"I'm afraid that I can't come. Rachel is waiting for me, and our kids are also waiting for me at home. So don't trouble yourself and cook for me. You can call Abby and let her keep you company."

Abby was a waitress who got along well with her and had worked in her restaurant for years.

Noticing that he refused her, Flora didn't insist. She nodded and said,"I got it. Sorry for bothering you today. Hiram, thank you."

She thanked him again.

Hiram smiled and called a taxi. He pulled open the door for her and said,"Get into the car."

Flora managed to raise a smile and said goodbye to him. Then she got on the taxi and left.

When Hiram went back to the car, he saw Rachel's face had a frown. She didn't even glance at him after he entered. Apparently, she was unhappy.

Today Flora had embraced him twice. Although she knew that Flora was getting through a tough time, she felt uncomfortable seeing it with her own eyes.

"What's the matter?" He moved closer to her and asked.

"Nothing. Your good female friend is having a tough time and she is feeling pathetic. If you keep comforting her again and again, you might start catching feelings for each other. Don't you think so?" Rachel said and looked up to flash him a sarcastic smile.

'If I hadn't come here with him, Flora would have seized this opportunity and tried to win his heart! Who knows!' Rachel thought.

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