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   Chapter 415 His Important Client

Happy Together By Vegetable Characters: 8999

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Hiram closed his eyes.

He wiped off the water, which Rachel spit out onto his face. With several drops of water on his thick, black eyelashes, Hiram looked at Rachel and said,"Do you realize that I am about to see a very important client?"

Rachel swallowed the remaining water in her mouth as she took the towel and tissue from Ben. She quickly helped Hiram wipe off the water and said,"You still look handsome. It's no big deal. Even if you just fell into the swimming pool and came out of it, you would still look handsome and presentable!"

Ben, who was in the driver seat, almost burst out into laughter, but he tried his best to control himself. His face turned extremely red because of it.

Ben dared not to laugh ever since Rachel had left.

Hiram glared at Ben, took the towel from Rachel and wiped the water from his face himself.

Rachel then took out some tissues from her handbag to help Hiram dry his wet hair.

"Take off your jacket, Hiram. Anyone can see that there is a water stain on your jacket," said Rachel. The water stain appeared to be much darker than Hiram's dark-colored jacket.

Hiram took off his jacket immediately. He squinted as he glared at Rachel, who was helping him tidy up clothes.

Suddenly, Hiram placed his hand on the back of Rachel's head and pulled her into his arms. He then bent down and kissed her lips.

Rachel was surprised and didn't expect that Hiram would kiss her.

Hiram just remained still, without moving his lips.

Rachel found that his kiss was very long and sweet.

Ben, who was driving in the front seat of the car, got goosebumps.

He sighed with relief. After all, he would rather get goosebumps by their public display of affection between Hiram and Rachel, than having to experience their quarrels.

"Just this once, okay?" Hiram let go of Rachel, and took a moment to catch his breath. Rachel realized that it was a question, but the way Hiram had said it, clarified that Rachel couldn't object him whatsoever.

Rachel blushed. She looked at Hiram, with shyness in her eyes. "Okay.

Do… you still want to divorce me?"

Hiram raised his eyebrows and smiled. "Are you still trying to act innocent with me, Rachel?"

"What? Acting innocent with you? What are you talking about? I don't understand." Rachel blinked, pretending to be confused.

Hiram found that when Rachel acted like this, he found it to be cute. He pinched her face as he shook his head.

"President Rong, we're here!"

said Ben. They arrived at their destination and Ben parked the car.

Rachel got out of the car. She found this place to be quite strange. She thought that it would be an office of some sort. 'Didn't Hiram

h certainly couldn't mean that something was wrong with them. Besides, Puth was Hiram's client.

Hiram and Puth were talking about their business together, and because Mr. Puth wasn't as good at Chinese, Hiram and him were talking in English, which made Rachel feel bored and dull, since she didn't understand their business, nor English.

"Mr. Puth, would you mind me walking around a bit?" Rachel felt bored, and she didn't want to sit on the chair any longer than she had to. She preferred walking around, so she decided to ask Mr. Puth.

"Sure." Puth looked at Rachel with his blue eyes, smiling.

Hiram asked Ben to follow Rachel.

Rachel stood up and left the office. She finally had the chance to get some fresh air.

"Mrs. Rong, could you please slow down a little bit? What are you looking for?" Ben was walking behind Rachel steadily. He felt as though Rachel was looking for something.

"Ben, aren't you even a little curious? I mean, Mr. Puth is obsessed with that kind of art. Aren't you curious to learn more about what other hobbies he might have?" Rachel walked through the house. It was quite spacious on the second floor, and there were many doors that led to many rooms.

"I don't think we should do that, Mrs. Rong. We're here to talk business. Why do you care about his hobbies? Besides, it isn't right for us to go into these rooms without Mr. Puth's permission." Ben found this place scary. He stopped Rachel from opening one of the doors and said,"I think we should go back now, Mrs. Rong."

"What are you afraid of? I'm here with you, remember!" said Rachel. She thought that Mr. Puth must have something even more incredible on the second floor.

Then Rachel let go of Ben's hand and proceeded to twist the doorknob. To her surprise, the door opened.

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