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   Chapter 413 I Would Do Whatever You Told Me To Do

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Rachel was surprised, yet she responded quickly. She threw the pieces on the floor immediately and swept them under the table with her feet.

Rachel had imagined how furious Hiram was when he saw the divorce agreement. He must have torn the agreement into pieces the moment he saw it.

He couldn't possibly have signed the agreement, could he?

However, Hiram already told Rachel that he had signed it, she decided to act on it as well.

When she lifted her head, Rachel felt someone push her over. It was Hiram. "Those are two different things. Of course, you could always leave, but you have to make it up to me before you leave!"

Rachel fell on the bed and rested her head on the pillow. She stretched one of her hands to stop Hiram who was approaching her. "Fine, I'll make it up to you.

Are there any other options besides sleeping with you?"

Hiram squinted. He pressed his hand on her knees which was raised by Rachel to stop him. "Fine. You've already said that you would make it up to me. I can guarantee you that at least, Rachel. However, from now on, you should do whatever I tell you to do, without any objections to my requests. It won't be allowed. To put it simply, you're on call for 24 hours!"

Rachel thought about Hiram's words for a brief moment and said,"Every day? Can you be more specific? You should give me some time to prepare first. I need to take the children back to Fannie's."

"Fine, starting from today, for 12 days straight. You can go wherever you want once the 12 days have passed, and I'll stay out of your business for good." Hiram lowered his voice.

What Hiram suggested, would not allow Rachel to have complete freedom. She hesitated at first.

"Now, you only have three seconds to make your decision. If you refuse, I'll take back my words," said Hiram. He then touched both of Rachel's arms.


Rachel pulled down her sleeves which had been rolled up by Hiram. She sighed in silence and chose to make a compromise. "Fine, I agree."

Ever since Hiram found her, Rachel felt like she had no other choice but to accept what he had offered her.

When she was gone, Hiram was furious and needed a place to get rid of all of his emotions. Just as the saying goes, in order to untie the bell, the person who tied it was required. Since all this drama started from her leaving in the first place, it was time for Rachel to settle her debt. 'It's just on call for 24 hours. Nothing bad can happen!' Rachel thought.

"Well then it's settled. You'd better

e him to Tulip Palace to pick up Joyce and Jonny, but Hiram still wouldn't open the door for him.

Ever since he was a little kid, Hiram had always been strong-willed and independent. Once he made a decision, he seldom changed his mind.

"Hiram, I promise! If you can find Rachel and get her to come back, I'll leave her alone. I won't make things difficult for her. I thought about a lot of things during the past few days. I realized that I couldn't blame Rachel for what happened to Lydia. I'm too one-sided when it comes to her."

Gavin sighed.

The more he thought about it, the more Gavin seemed to understand. The reason why Lydia didn't like Rachel, was because

Rachel was Hiram's wife.

It didn't even matter whether it was Rachel or any other woman, Lydia would always feel jealous.

There was no two ways about it.

Hearing what Gavin had said, Hiram didn't even lift his head to look at him. He just smiled without Gavin even noticing it. Gavin knew that Hiram had gone out to look for Rachel during the past two days, but what he didn't know, was that Hiram had already found Rachel.

Ben and Chad were both loyal to Hiram and wouldn't dare to say a word to Gavin.

"Dad, it's too late to feel regretful now," said Hiram. Hiram signed the files and placed them back before he checked his watch.

Feeling awkward, Gavin didn't know how to respond to Hiram. He let out a sigh as he stood up from the sofa, shaking his head.

Both the nurses and doctor helped him walk out of the office.

When Gavin left the office, Hiram put down his pen, leaned on his chair and picked up the phone on the desk. "Come upstairs.

The door will open shortly."

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