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   Chapter 412 The Phoenix in the Henhouse

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"I'm sorry Marlon. I left without saying goodbye and caused you trouble. Rachel said remorsefully, her head hung down.

Marlon looked at her crouched shoulders and said sympathetically,"No, please don't be so polite." He ran a hand through his short hair, and laughed shyly. "If not for you saying you wanted to help us, I wouldn't have helped him find you either."

"Is that so?"

Rachel didn't how else to respond. She was surprised at Marlon's words, and what they suggested. He helped find her, because of the benefits Hiram promised?

"No cross, no crown," Marlon glanced at Rachel and said. "It seems that luck is on my side. I picked up a phoenix and put it into the rooster pen. This time, the Tang family no longer dare to tell me what to do." After some time, he went into his room and let out a deep breath.

He came back too late last night.

Rachel stood at the door and listened. She was a little suspicious.

At first, she thought that she would get used to it, but

as time passed, she felt more and more uncomfortable around him.

After taking a deep breath, she entered his room. "Here you are…The phone... " she said, putting the phone on the table.

Marlon was lying down on his bed, looking comfortable with a quilt wrapped around him. He glanced at her,"What are you doing? "I already sold the phone to you. It's yours now. Or, do you still want me to return money?

You have given me a month's salary in advance, so now we're even." Rachel replied.

Marlon sat up and looked at her. "It doesn't really matter much to me. Hiram promised to help through our problems. This doesn't even come close to that."

"This and that are two different things." Rachel said, looking straight into his eyes.

"He's him, I'm me. You betray me because it is to your advantage, and I give this back because it's not mine." Marlon just sat there looking at her in silence, and without a word, Rachel turned back and walked out of the room.

There must be something in the phone. Otherwise how could Marlon have found her?

"Hey... "

Marlon stared at the door which remained ajar, and followed Rachel with his eyes. A strange feeling was beginning to form in the pit of his stomach. It left a sharp an sour taste- the same feeling people get when they eat green lemons.

He struggled to name the sensation, and after a while, it became clear to him. He was feeling guilty.

In the beginning, he approached her with his mind fixed on his own intentions.

When he found out who she was, he knew she would be useful, but he didn't expect her to come in handy so soon.

However, when the benefits came, he wasn't as happy a

thout words, he took Rachel's hand and led her upstairs.

Once inside their bedroom, he shut the door, and a heavy silence settled in the room. His deep eyes were as sharp as thorns as he looked up and down at Rachel,"Can you stop this?"

"You're going to take the children with you, and you're leaving me here all alone," he said, his voice cold.

Rachel scanned the bedroom with her eyes. She felt her chest constrict the longer she looked. It was still the same as when she left, as if nothing had changed.

"Not very convenient."

Hiram was shocked for a moment, then realized what she meant. His voice was callous as he asked,"So, you leave with the kids?" His frame sagged as he let out a deep breath, trying to quell the tightness in his chest. "Rachel, don't you think this isn't fair? These days, have you ever thought of me even once?"

"Don't you think I deserve better than this?" he asked, his voice breaking.

Rachel avoided his eyes and flinched at the pain in Hiram's voice. She looked down on the big bed, her eyes following the creases on the sheets. It was the same sheet where she put the divorce agreement, and the same sheet she changed when she left.

"I wanted to make it up to you, but you didn't even give me a chance." She said in a muffled voice. She knew that on this matter, just as her children, Hiram carried no blame.

If she hadn't thought of him at all, how could she have dared to see him drunk that day?

Rachel went to her side of the bed. She reached out to touch the pillow. It was empty and the divorce agreement was gone.

Wait a moment.

Wait a moment.Her wandering fingers stopped abruptly when she felt something touch the edge of her fingers.

With her back to him, she dug out a small piece of paper.

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