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   Chapter 411 His Well-guarded Woman

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Hiram knew that Rachel was patient with hardships. She left without any valuables except a Rolex watch.

He was looking at the back of the watch when an idea suddenly came to mind. Then, he threw it to Chad and said,"Refit this watch."

Chad caught the watch. Looking at the delicate one, he confusedly asked,"What do you mean 'refit'? How?"

Hiram turned back to give him a sweeping glance.

Chad realized what he meant and replied,"Okay." Then he put the watch into his pocket.

"Hiram, are you sure you won't attend the meeting tomorrow?" Chad asked. He thought it wasn't a good choice, for Hiram's absence would result in severe consequences.

"Stop talking nonsense! Or you can go back to H city now," Hiram said coldly. He took the watch and some other valuable things out and then closed the suitcase. "Throw it out."

Chad hesitated. 'Is this the suitcase that Rachel asked Carl to take back from the train station? It seems important to her.'

"Can't you hear me? I don't want to repeat it for twice," Hiram grew impatient and said in a low voice. In his opinion, these clothes were cheap and poor in quality, and they would damage Rachel's skin.

He provided Rachel with a decent life and treated her like a princess. He wouldn't let those cheap clothes sully her.

Rachel wore these clothes because he wasn't on her side, but now that he was here, he must throw all these things away.

In the next room, Rachel woke up and felt that her eyes were swollen.

She looked at the clock and found it was 10 in the morning.

'Where is Nadia?' she thought.

Rachel packed things up, put on her coat and took her bag before leaving her room.

She went to ask the receptionist where Nadia was. The staff said that she had been taken away.

She was looking for Hiram to ask about Nadia when Carl came over. "Rachel, good morning! Hiram is waiting for you at the dining hall. You must be hungry."

Hearing this, Rachel walked towards the dining hall without any hesitat

hild so much. What about Jonny and Joyce? Don't you miss them these days?"

Rachel lowered her head and took a sip of vegetable soup with her spoon shaking lightly upon hearing what Hiram said. Yet she didn't say anything.

"I will go back to H City after this meal. What about you?" Hiram asked in a flat tone.

In fact, he wasn't as calm as he looked. Hiram secretly observed the expression in Rachel's eye and her every movement.

"I want to go back to North Sea City. I left hastily without presenting my resignation," said Rachel. She thought that there was still a need to follow the procedure if she wouldn't work there anymore.

"Do you mean you want to meet Marlon? He is still here, sleeping in the room upstairs," said Hiram. It was too late last night, so they ordered several rooms to take a rest.

Rachel blinked as she said she knew that. She drank the soup off and stood up to leave.

After Rachel left, Hiram threw the knife and fork from his hand to the plate and wiped his mouth with a paper towel. He lost his appetite to eat.

By the hallway upstairs, Rachel found herself standing before Marlon's room

and eventually knocked at the door.

After a while, Marlon rolled himself in the quilt and opened the door. He yawned as he asked Rachel,"Mrs. Rong, what's up? What are you doing here?"

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