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   Chapter 410 I Signed On The Agreement Too

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"I signed on the agreement too."

"What? No... No way! That is absolutely impossible! If you had signed the agreement, then why would you come all the way here to look for me?" Rachel said in disbelief.

Hiram snorted. He smoked as he played with his windproof lighter. "The reason why I came here to look for you is because I don't want to be abandoned by you like that. Let me tell you, Rachel. I would have been irritated and probably have signed the agreement too, just like you did! You're the one who drafted the agreement and signed it in the first place. You made me do what I did.

You said I look like a wolf. I think you're the one who looks like a wolf in this regard. You're cruel and ungrateful. You know how much I treasure you and how well I treat you. My heart belongs to you alone and you manage to keep my attention all to yourself. You're the whole meaning of my life. That's how much you mean to me, and yet, look what you did to me.

No matter how mean my dad is or what he has done, you could have just told me about it, and we could have fixed it together. Instead, you just left. You left our children and me behind. You're so irresponsible and such a coward! What did you want me to do? !"

Rachel wasn't listening to Hiram. All she was thinking about was that sentence Hiram had just said: "I signed on the agreement too."

Rachel felt like she didn't have any control over herself. She slowly stood up, shaking. She asked Hiram with disbelief as she walked towards him. "Hiram, answer my question again.

Did you… Did you really sign on the agreement?"

Rachel could feel that she was on the verge of collapsing. It seemed like the moment Hiram had said yes to her, that she would pass out immediately.

"What's the point of me answering the question? You already told Marlon that I'm your ex. Aren't you just satisfied with the outcome now?"

Hiram raised his eyebrows and said sarcastically. However, when he saw tears rolling down Rachel's cheeks, something hit him, and he looked around the room.

Rachel fell on the floor as she heard Hiram's answer. All she had done in the past few years, was evaporated into nothing.

"Stop acting innocent in front of me and stop crying! Isn't this what you wanted? When you drafted the agreement, didn't you want me to sign it? How come you're unhappy now after I've signed it?"

Hiram said without even looking at Rachel. He was afraid that he couldn't control himself and would tell her the truth.

Tears kept rolling down Rachel's cheeks. She eventually convinced herself to stop crying. She needed to be strong at that moment. She couldn't afford to lose her mind.

"What about our children? Can you… Will you allow me to raise them?" Rachel asked Hiram slowly and carefully. She almost felt like she couldn't breathe. However, she knew that she had to calm herself down and she tried her best to do that, for the sake of her children. She couldn't afford to lose them.

Hearing Rachel's question, Hiram turned around and squinted. "Do you think I will agree on that, Rachel? Look what you have done! Don't you think i

, but what I'm trying to say is that we won't let Rachel run away again. I promise. You can be reassured and go back if you please!"

Hiram opened the door to another room and walked in. He responded to Chad,"Chad, do you know what it will mean if I go back this time?"

"Sure, it means that you're responsible and professional. You're the CEO of Streams Company, which is why you're the focus of the conference. What's the meaning of the conference if you're absent from the meeting?" Chad followed Hiram.

The conference would be entirely meaningless if Hiram was to be absent from it.

"Mr. Rong, Gavin just had an operation. He is confined in the hospital now and is far too weak to host the conference. If you stay here and don't go back, Ben will be embarrassed in front of all those people, and I won't know how to face Gavin after that."

Hiram walked in and opened the luggage that Carl had brought back. He said coldly,"You know what? I want him to know what the consequences of him arranging my life at his own will are.

He drove away my wife and now asked me to help him hold the meeting and socialize with his friends. Why should I listen to him and just go back?"

Embarrassed about what he had said, Chad rubbed his head. "Mr. Rong, I think they are irrelevant."

"Irrelevant? He is the chairman of the company, and yet he can do whatever he wants without considering my feelings. Why should I be professional and consider the overall situation?"

'Overall situation? What exactly was the overall situation?' Hiram thought.

Suppressing his anger for a moment could make his entire family happy again. At least for a while. It was an overall situation too. However, would he be able to do that?

Hiram lowered his head and searched through Rachel's luggage. He wanted to know what her life was like in the past few days.

This time, he was determined to let Gavin know what the consequence of ignoring the situation was. All of Rachel's suffering and sacrifice couldn't be worthless.

Suddenly, Hiram found something in Rachel's clothes.

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