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   Chapter 409 It's Time To Talk, Hiram

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A sudden chill filled up the car. A pin drop silence took over.

Rachel held Nadia tightly. She knew that Hiram had been holding his temper in check only because of the child in the car.

"Hiram, we should talk patiently. We shouldn't scare the child," she said in a muffled voice, trying to avoid angering him again.

It wasn't a good idea to provoke him at times like this.

Hiram tightened his lips, speaking nothing. As he continued driving, Rachel saw that his eyes flashed with anger.

Nobody spoke anything anymore till the end of the ride.

Hiram parked the car at the gate of a hotel. Chad and Carl were busy dealing with other matters, so he had to check in personally.

During checking in, Rachel stood behind Hiram. Hiram didn't bother to look back, but she could sense that he was keeping an eye on her in his mind.

She knew that he was worrying that she might leave him again.

"Come on!" Hiram said while walking away after he checked in, looking back at Rachel. His phone started ringing at that moment.

"Hiram, we got the luggage but didn't find Shirley yet. I got the CCTV surveillance video from the staff. It showed an accomplice of that man taking her away," Carl told Hiram.

"Alright, got it. Come back once the job is done," Hiram said. As soon as he hung up, Ben called.

Hiram stopped, frowning. He gave the room card to Rachel and asked her to go into the room.

Rachel took the card from his hand and went towards the door with Nadia, without looking at him.

"Mr. Rong, it's good that you're back. Mr. Gavin said you must attend an important meeting at nine tomorrow morning," Ben told Hiram. It was the annual meeting of Streams Company to discuss important issues with its long-term customers. Gavin took it very seriously.

He had persisted in asking Ben to urge Hiram to attend the meeting.

Hiram looked at his watch. It was already eleven thirty at night. It was impossible to return to H City now.

"Ben, I'm still in L City. There's no airport here. I'm afraid I can't make it tomorrow

me to leave, so I left without telling you.

After all that has happened, I don't want to put your family to any more trouble. Lydia deserved it. But if it weren't for me, she wouldn't have behaved like that. If it weren't for me, dad wouldn't have got the heart attack. On the other day, he even..."

Rachel paused, closing her eyes. Then she took a deep breath and continued,"So I decided to go away for some time, and come back when dad is not mad at me anymore."

Hiram listened carefully, staring at her, not wanting to miss the slightest change of her expressions.

"Since you just wanted to leave for a while, why did you leave the divorce agreement to me?" Hiram lowered his voice and asked.

If Rachel had wanted to return, she wouldn't have prepared the agreement and signed it.

Rachel blinked in shock. She hesitated before telling him the truth.

"I...I was in bad mood, and I didn't know when I would come back. I didn't want to keep you waiting for me for a long time, so..."

before she could continue, Hiram thumped the table. He stared at her in anger and asked,"You didn't want to keep me waiting? What would you do if I tell you that I have signed the agreement on my side?

Rachel's heart stopped. She blinked as tears welled up in her eyes.

She had never expected Hiram to speak like that.

Had he really signed the agreement?

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