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   Chapter 408 Unable to Escape From Him

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Almost at the same time, all the people turned their eyes to the commotion right outside the station.

"Hiram, over there! Isn't that Rachel?" Carl shouted out immediately and pointed to her.

Everyone looked to the direction he was pointing. Hiram also fixed his eyes on the three big fellows, who were apparently from the countryside, and the woman in the middle, who was holding a little girl in her arms.

Although she was wearing plain and simple clothes, he could recognize her in one glance.

It was indeed her. His wife, Rachel Ruan.

On the quiet streets of L City at midnight, all was dead quiet. Besides, L City wasn't a very developed city, so at this time, there were almost no passers-by, save for one or two cars driving by from time to time.

Holding Nadia in her arms, Rachel found that there was no place for her to retreat to. She looked around nervously to find someone who could help her. When she saw the cars that just pulled over on the roadside, she began shouting as loudly as she could.

There was still a distance between her and the people in the cars, and she couldn't see who they were under the dim street lamp. "Help! Somebody help! Please!" she yelled desperately.

"Shut up! You stupid woman! What are you yelling for? That child you are holding is my daughter. And it's the right thing for a father to come and take his own daughter home with him! Give her to us now! Even if you rip your throat yelling, and even if you call the entire police force here, you can't deny me my daughter!" the man in the front shouted.

"Come on, sweetheart! Come to Daddy, and I'll take you home to your mommy!" The man called out to the little girl.

The little girl had her arms around Rachel's neck, and she held on even more tightly hearing her father's voice. Trembling and teary eyed, she didn't even dare look at him.

From the corner of her eyes, Rachel saw several people approaching from the opposite direction. Rachel felt both happy and relieved. They had a chance. People wouldn't refuse to help other people in real trouble, and she thanked God that there were still a lot of good people in this world.

Nobody knew from where she got the courage, but suddenly she took her bag from her shoulder and threw it towards the man, who stood nearest her.

As the man moved aside to avoid it, she seized the chance to slip away through the gap, dashing towards the people with gritted teeth.


Please help me!


She shouted at the top of her lungs, running as fast as she could. But the next second, she stopped and felt herself rooted on the spot, as if she was struck by a lightning. She recognized the man walking in her direction.

Her heart was pounding wildly. It was the best person whom she had known all her life, and he had come to save the day.

It was her husband, Hiram.

But, she couldn't believe her eyes.

All of a sudden, she lost all her strength to move. She stared at him without batting an eyelash, totally unable to move, still holding the little girl in her arms.

The three men had

in North Sea City? Tell me why?" Hiram shouted, not holding back on his anger.

"I ……" Rachel murmured. She tried but she couldn't answer his questions.

"You've never given me the chance to talk. My phone was on twenty-four hours a day, but why didn't call me? Did you forget my number? Tell me!" he roared inside the car.

He yelled so loudly that Nadia was frightened and began crying.

The two-year-old girl held on to Rachel sobbing. She was too scared to cry out loudly, stealing glances at Hiram once in a while.

"Auntie, where is my mommy? I want to see her now." she murmured.

Just then, Rachel realized that she had forgotten about Shirley. Where did she go?

"Hiram, we'll talk over this later. Now, we have to find her mother. Would you help me?" she asked softly as she held the little girl, rubbing her back as she clung to Rachel.

Hiram furrowed his brows and asked,"She has a mother? I thought his father was selling her because her mother died and no one could look after her."

If both her parents were still alive, it would be hard for him to get custody. This was common sense.

"Yes, her mother is Shirley. Regardless of what happened before, please try to find her since we're here now." She said in a soft voice, holding his arm.

Hiram hesitated for a moment and looked at the little girl, wondering how this could be Shirley's daughter.

Hesitantly, he took out his phone and called Carl, asking him to look around and see if Shirley was still inside the station.

After that, he looked at the little troublemaker with a frown, trying hard not to show his anger, before he got out of the back of the car and sat in the driver's seat.

After he started the car and drove off, Rachel knew that what she was going to say would piss him off, but she said reluctantly to him,"Hiram, I don't want to go back home yet."

Hiram slammed his foot on the brakes and the car stopped abruptly, throwing Rachel and the child forward. Turning to her, Hiram asked in his coldest voice,"What did you say just now?"

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