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   Chapter 407 An Incredible Appearance

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The old lady sitting in front of Rachel was irritated by Shirley's attitude. Exasperated, she stood up and said, pulling Rachel over,"Sit down, dear. Don't waste your time on people like her." The old lady gave Shirley a once over and continued,"She's not worth it."

Other people soon chimed in, and soon, the carriage was filled with a motley of boos from passengers, cries from the little girl, and the snapping of wheels on the rail.

The train was nearing its destination with every clink of metal. Upon its arrival, passengers naturally quieted down and the earlier incident forgotten like wind. Most of them were taking their luggage off the shelves and got easy to get off.

Rachel and the old lady stood up after the train had come to a stop, and the sound of murmurs and footsteps soon filled the surroundings. Before saying her goodbye, the old lady handed a slip of paper to Rachel. It was a phone number.

When Rachel passed by Shirley, she was still on her seat, showing no intention of leaving.

The little girl, probably worn out from all her crying, was asleep on her lap.

Rachel continued on her way. After getting off the train, she stood at the station for a while, her eyes scanning around. She looked at the overhead signage, wondering where to go.

A moment later, Shirley got off with the kid in her arms. She looked around, and then headed towards an exit on the left.

Rachel followed Shirley with her eyes. She looked kind of strange. Rachel shook her head and decided to focus on her own. She turned her head to the left and the right exit. With no idea where to go, she decided to choose one at random and just follow her gut.

Suddenly, there was a shout. "There she is!" Catch her!" a man's voice bellowed.

"That bitch has the kid. I'm gonna break her legs when I catch her!"

She saw a gang of around four or five men pointing at the direction Shirley took.

Rachel felt cold sweat on her brow. Her heart was pounding. She guessed these people might come for her in the first place. After thinking it over, she overthrew her assumption. It would take at least a day to drive from North Sea City to where she was, so it was impossible for Hiram to come so soon.

Rachel stopped in her tracks and whipped her head to Shirley. She was running, her arms around her child, trying to avoid being captured by her pursuers.

"You bitch! How dare you escape?! Stop!" Rachel had a closer look at the man. He was shouting fiercely. From his appearance, it seemed that he wasn't from the city.

With her hands holding her child, it was impossible for Shirley to run fast. She looked around desperately, her shoulders heaving from her own breaths. Her limbs were shaking from the exertion. Her heart sank when she saw the men running towards her. She gripped her child in her arms. There was no way out.

Then, she spotted Rachel standing not far away from her. The anxiety in her face mirrored her own.

With a huff of breath, Shirley ran towards her.

"Rachel! Listen, please! I know I hurt you before. I understand that I am not in any position to ask anything from you, but I need your help," she pleaded, her voice quivering. Rachel saw the sheen of sweat covering her face. Shirley's hands were protectively wrapped around her child, and her eyes were bloodshot as they looked into hers. "I didn't give birth to a boy. This is my daughter, Nadia," she said, looking at the

catch her breath. Nadia was shaking in her arms. She wrapped her small arms tightly around Rachel's neck. Rachel could feel the Nadia's heartbeat. She tried to calm her by stroking her hair and speaking softly.

After some time, they reached the first floor.

Rachel rushed out with the kid in her arms as soon as the elevator doors opened. But she froze when she saw two figures ahead. The two men who were running after them

had already arrived and were waiting outside the gate. Her blood froze in fear.

It was already dark. The sky was lit up by the lights outside the station. There were only a handful of people who were waiting to take train.

Rachel looked around helplessly.

"Go head! Why not keep going?"

The two men ran to them, shouting. At the very same instant, the man who had been cursing Shirley earlier appeared from behind.

There was only a broad empty space outside. Rachel couldn't find a place to hide themselves.

"Give us the kid. It's none of your business. If you're smart, you know what to do. Give me the kid and we won't hurt you."

The man coming from behind her said.

Rachel looked at Nadia in her arms. Small sobs racked her frame. She couldn't bear to leave her alone. Shirley had done terrible things, but, if not because of Rachel, she wouldn't have been sent to a remote village and got married off to that cruel man.

'I can't let them have this child, ' Rachel thought to herself. Her arms tightened around the girl.

"Auntie, I'm so scared. Please don't leave me alone," Nadia pleaded in a small voice. She wrapped her arms tighter around Rachel.

Rachel rubbed her cheek and said,"Don't worry. Everything's gonna be okay. I won't leave you alone." She shifted her gaze to the men surrounding her, holding the girl protectively to her chest with her arms.

"You asked for it. You made this choice. A stupid one!" The man who spoke sneered, and then waved to the other two men behind him.

Seeing them coming closer, Rachel took two steps backward in fright.

Just then, the sound of sirens echoed through the air and several cars lined up on the side of the road. A man came out from the first car. Rachel couldn't believe her eyes.

"Hiram!" Behind him, several more men stepped out from the other cars.

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