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   Chapter 406 On The Train

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Rachel had run out of options. She would use every good advice she could get right now. She leaned closer as she listened to her. Was there really a better solution?

"I would love to listen to your idea, ma'am," Rachel said to the woman.

The woman giggled. She had gone through a lot of things in life and it showed through the lines on her face. She was no longer obsessed with relationships like Rachel was. Thus she could see things from a very different perspective.

"Stop running from him anymore. You're not the only one who is suffering from this. Your husband and your children are also suffering from your absence. They need you. Your family needs you. Why not think about another solution?"

Eager to know the answer, Rachel said anxiously,"Don't keep me guessing, ma'am. What's the other solution? Tell me, please! I'm the player in this game and I can't see the most of it as you do. I'm in such a mess. Could you please tell me what you have in mind? Is there a better way to fix this?"

Seeing Rachel anxious, the woman burst into laughter and slowly said,"You silly girl. Of course, there is a better way. There are many ways. But hiding is not one of them. Hiding will only worsen the situation. As I can see, it already has worsened. Things will be better if your husband could understand why you're hiding from him. But if he couldn't, the problems between you and him will only grow bigger and it will be hard to solve.

What I am trying to tell you is that you must let nature take its course. If he finds you again, don't run away and just face him. Try to calm yourself down and talk to him. Tell him your stance. Let him know what you are thinking. And if he really cares about you, he will wait for you until you are ready to go back home instead of forcing you to go with him.

Besides, what if he is smart enough to come up with a better solution? You won't be able to know that if you keep running away from him. Anyway, hiding is the worst way to handle your problems."

Rachel nodded as she listened thoughtfully.

Admittedly, what the woman said made sense. It was just that… now, she had become so afraid to face him.

She no longer had any confidence at all to look him in the eye.

"Thank you, ma'am. That was very helpful. I will think about what you said, since I still have a few stops until I get to mine." Rachel thanked the woman. She was a blessing from heaven.

The woman sitting in front of her, looked at Rachel, smiling. "You know what? You young people are too impetuous. But that's exactly what young people are, ha ha. When you grow to our age, you won't do crazy things like this any more.

No matter what your final decision i

the train floor. With tears in her eyes, she looked at her mother, seeming to ask for her approval.

Shirley stood up, grabbed her daughter's hand and pull her into her arms, ignoring Rachel's kindness.

However, the little girl stretched out her hand, wanting to take Rachel's apple. Her eyes were staring at the apple, eagerly wanting to eat it.

Rachel was afraid that the little girl might not be able to bite the apple. So she went to the restaurant on the train to ask the train stewardess to help her slice the apple since she wasn't allowed to bring a knife on board. Afterwards, she walked towards the little girl and gave her a slice.

However, Shirley threw away the slice the second she saw it in the little girl's hand. "Nadia, what's wrong with you? Remember what I told you? You can't take food from strangers, okay?"

Seeing her apple being thrown away again, the little girl started crying again. And yet she was still hugging Shirley, with her hands around Shirley's neck.

"You're being too mean, Shirley. What she wanted was just an apple. If you said yes to her at the very beginning, all of this wouldn't have happened."

Finally, Rachel couldn't put up with Shirley's behavior anymore.

Rachel had heard that Shirley was sent back to her rural hometown where she got married. But Rachel had never seen Shirley since then.

Rachel didn't know that after all these years, Shirley was still the same. She hadn't changed...

At all.

Rachel couldn't help but wonder why Shirley would take a train with her child without any help.

"I'll tell you what! This is my own child. How I take care of her is none of your business. If I'm happy, then she can eat her apple. If not, then she gets nothing. You hear me? Stay out of my business!" Shirley said coldly.

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