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   Chapter 405 Where Are You

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'Ex? Is that what she calls me now?

Well then, I'll remember that, ' Hiram thought to himself.

"Marlon, I know that your company is experiencing a financial crisis. If you could help me and let me know where she is, I will, in return, help your company survive." Hiram wasn't annoyed by the irony dripping from Marlon's words, but he became more certain that he really did something to Rachel's shoulder last night, of which he couldn't remember the details.

Marlon was stunned by Hiram's generous proposal.

In the past two years, his company has been trapped in dire circumstances. His company would have already closed down if they had not gone to the Tang family for financial assistance. With Hiram's generous offer, they would no longer need to depend on the Tangs' reluctant help.

Hearing Hiram's words, Marlon's father drew him aside. This was an opportunity that was too good to let pass. "Marlon, did you hear that? If you help Hiram find his wife, our company will survive."

Marlon knew the importance of Hiram's support, but he also realized that Rachel must have been going through too much, that she had to hide in North Sea City. He had only known Rachel for a few days but he didn't want to betray her.

"Come on, Marlon. What are you waiting for? Think about it, we don't have to kiss the feet of the Tang family just for our company to survive. Just say yes!" Marlon's father persuaded him.

If Hiram found Rachel, Marlon could help a broken couple get reunited and at the same time ensure the continued business of their company. There might be no more second chances after this.

A little hesitant, Marlon glanced at Hiram and took out his phone to call Rachel.

"Rachel, come to my office ASAP. I have something for you to do." Marlon walked to the door as he spoke with Rachel.

Rachel kept silent for a moment after hearing Marlon, and then answered,"Marlon, I'm so sorry. I... I have left. I am no longer in North Sea City

I have a lot of urgent things to deal with. For the salary you paid me in advance, I will pay you back as soon as possible. I'm really sorry for the troubles I have made during these past few days."

It wasn't

smile. "Nothing, I just remembered some sad things."

"Well, you can talk to me if those things really hurt you. Don't bottle it up inside. I've been there, so maybe I can provide you with some advice."

Rachel suddenly remembered her own daughter, Joyce, who used to cry to her whenever she was wronged. Oh, how she missed her little angel!

Rachel was touched by the kindly tone. She took a deep breath to calm down and began to tell a simple version of her story.

The aunt nodded her head after hearing Rachel's story. "Your situation is embarrassing. You just left because your father-in-law asked you to."

Rachel nodded to agree. She normally wouldn't compromise with Gavin easily. She had stood up to him several times in the past. But this time was different. Because of an incident, Lydia had became a vegetable, and their family blamed it on her.

That was why she had to leave.

"My child, listen to me. It's important to be patient now and endure what life gives us. Your husband loves you so much, and you have two kids. God has blessed you and he will bless you more,"

the aunt comforted Rachel earnestly.

"It's good for both of you to calm down by spending some time apart. But it is a poor long-term strategy. You can't avoid your own husband, your whole life. Especially if you love him like you say, you do."

The aunt sat closer and continued,"I have a best-of-both-worlds idea. Would you like to hear about it?"

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