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   Chapter 404 I Was Sure That It Was Her

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In the control room of the hotel,"Hiram, I, I don't think that is Rachel." Carl pointed his fingers at the woman in the video. Although her figure looked like Rachel, her face was quite different.

"It's a pity that we only have one camera here. Otherwise, we could see more clearly from different angles." Chad said, standing next to Carl.

On this floor, were all VIP suites. In order to protect the guests' privacy, there was only one camera installed on the door of the elevator.

Hiram, looked closer at the woman in the video, and said without hesitation.

"No, I am very sure that it was her.

Carl, help me check the registration records in the past two days to see whether Rachel had checked in. If not, then check every female guest for me. She might have used a fake name to check in.

Chad, ask the hotel manager to get the video outside the hotel for me. I want to know when she left, whom she left with and which direction she went. Come and report to me as soon as you two get some news."

Chad and Carl looked at each other and nodded their heads at the same time. "Okay we're on it!"

Hiram was sure, that the woman in the video was Rachel.

It was just surprising for Chad and Carl that they didn't find out that Rachel was staying in the same hotel, not to mention, on the same floor with them. What a coincidence!

What's more, Rachel had gone into Hiram's bedroom and they knew nothing about it!

Staring at the woman on the screen, Hiram's eyes became gloomy. He hated himself. How could he let Rachel run away when he already had her in his arms?

Hiram also couldn't believe that Rachel had the guts to go into his bedroom. And yet, Hiram did nothing but watch her leave.

Rachel, when I find you, I would tie you up in chains, so that you could stay with me forever and you could never run away from me.

A few minutes later, Hiram stood up. He wanted to go downstairs to have a look. He thought that as long as he could know which direction Rachel went, he could soon find her.

When he walked towards the door of the control room, his cell phone rang.

"President Rong? This is Ben. We have a meeting tomorrow. Since your father is confined at the hospital now, could you come to the company to hold the meeting?"

Hearing this, Hiram frowned. He pushed the door of the control room and walked out.

"I'm really busy now. Can't we put it off?"

Ben was embarrassed. "Well, President Rong, I'll try. But I'm afraid that it

o come to my house. Calm down, dad. I am getting up right now!" Marlon threw his cell phone to the bedside table and lay on the bed for a few more seconds before he turned around and sat up.

When he arrived at the company, he saw the man waiting in the VIP room. Confused, he walked into the office.

"Dad, who wanted to see me?"

Marlon's father waved him over as soon as he saw Marlon. "Come here! This is President Rong."

Marlon walked to his father and nodded his head to the man sitting on the sofa. "Good morning, President Rong. I'm Marlon. My father told me that you wanted to see me? What can I do for you?"

Hiram took a glance at Marlon and said briefly. "Where is she?"

"Ah? What do you mean, Mr. Rong? Who are you talking about?" Marlon asked Hiram, confused.

Hiram stood up suddenly and walked to Marlon. "The woman you brought from the hotel last night. Where is she now?"

Hearing this, Marlon suddenly realized who the stranger was. He looked Hiram up and down contemptuously. "Oh, it's you. I know you. Rachel mentioned you to me before. You're her ex-boyfriend. The violent ex who bit her shoulders and hurt her.

Sorry, I don't know where she is now either. She's just my assistant. And she took the day off. I don't know where she went and her personal life is none of my business."

Marlon shrugged.

Seeing Marlon being so rude to Hiram, Marlon's father was nervous and he elbowed him lightly. "Don't be so rude to President Rong, Marlon. President Rong came here looking for his wife. What ex-boyfriend are you talking about?"

Marlon was surprised by his father's words.

'What? Rachel is his wife?'

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