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   Chapter 403 Really Willing To Bite Me

Happy Together By Vegetable Characters: 9010

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Rachel couldn't believe her ears.

She stood rooted to that spot and even forgot to straighten her back. Then Hiram spoke again,"how could you be in a hurry even in my dream? Don't leave!

Come back to me!"

Although he was too drunk to be fully conscious, he spoke in the same, unmistakably aggressive tone. Out of habit, Rachel just turned around and walked back to his bed. She was aware in her mind that she had to leave immediately but her body just reacted to what her heart was telling her.

"What are you waiting for, honey? Come on! Come to my arms!" Hiram said, holding out his hands.

This sounded sweet and utterly different from his cold complaints just earlier. Rachel hesitated and glanced at the door.

She wanted to hold him as well but was afraid that Chad and Carl would walk in, all of a sudden.

"Why do you keep looking at the door? What are you thinking? Are you afraid of being seen by them? Don't worry about them. We're married! Come on! I'm waiting!" he urged and gazed at her with misty eyes. He struggled to get up and pulled her into his arms as if he had the strength to stay balanced. He failed and fell back on the bed.

No longer thinking clearly, Rachel let herself also fall on the bed and lay beside him, fixing her eyes on his face without a blink.

Since she came into his room, she just wanted to cherish this stolen moment with him, and comfort him.

But to her surprise, Hiram leaned over her the moment she lay down. He ripped her shirt and put his mouth on her shoulder, biting her deeply.


Rachel cried out painfully. Afraid of being heard by the two men in the next room, she bit her lips in order not to cry out again. "Hiram, relax your bite! It's killing me! Please!" she whimpered and held her breath.

Hiram let her go and then stared at her frowning,"It's killing you? Do you know how I feel inside? I have been killed thousands of times by you! Have you ever thought about my feelings?

I wonder to myself, despite what you have done, why I can't leave you. I kept thinking of it from time to time and try to figure out why. Why can't I get over you? Why I can't even stay mad at you? You know what? I'll show you. Since you are the one who left, I won't make it easy for you to come back! You keep this in your mind!

Listen carefully! This is your last chance. You'd better come back to me now, or else ..."

Seeing his furious face, Rachel couldn't tell whether he was serious or he was just bluffing.

"Otherwise, what? What will you do?" She asked carefully but afraid of what she would hear next.

Hiram pinched her chin and snorted,"I'll find another woman, to be my wife and the mother of your k

of Carl and began to knock on the doors one by one.

"Come out, Rachel!

Honey? Please!"

"Calm down, Hiram! Take it easy! Listen to me, you got really drunk tonight. What you saw was just Rachel in your dreams. Carl and I regularly checked on you to make sure that everything was okay, but we didn't see her! Trust us!" Chad came closer and rubbed the back of Hiram's head to calm him down.

Hiram glanced at him coldly and said,"I'm telling you now, that I saw her, and I mean it! Go and fetch all the room cards for this floor. I'll check all the rooms myself! Go now!"

"Okay Hiram, okay! I'm going!" Chad nodded to him. He knew that he'd better do as Hiram asked because he wouldn't listen to him when he was pissed off. He got in the elevator and went to the front desk for the cards.

He returned a moment later.

This hotel was one of the subordinate companies of Streams Company, and it was a piece of cake for Chad to get all the room cards for Hiram.

Hiram opened one room after another looking for Rachel.

But he didn't see a single person, not to mention Rachel.

"I've told you, it must have been a dream. If she were here, how could Chad and I not run into her? Go back to your room and sleep this off, please!" Carl said to Hiram, putting an arm over his shoulder. He saw how disappointed Hiram was and it made him feel awful.

Holding out his hand to knead his throbbing temple, Hiram closed his eyes slowly.

He began wondering whether it was just an illusion.

He opened his eyes suddenly as if something lit up in his mind. Immediately, He said to Chad and Carl,"Let's go and see the surveillance videos!

Look at the camera here in the hall! Let's see whether she's entered my room this evening, and then we'll know whether I was dreaming or not."

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