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   Chapter 402 Meeting You In My Drunken Dream

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Updated: 2019-02-23 03:07

Rachel slowly stuck her head out to take a peek at the hallway. Chad and Carl were no longer there.

When she was about to step out, the door of the suite suddenly opened. Surprised, Rachel jumped back inside.

"Carl, have you ever seen Hiram drink that much?" Chad sighed and asked Carl, who came out of the suite with him.

"No. Hiram's ability to hold his liquor is impressive. He seldom gets drunk, especially during times like tonight. But honestly, it's the first time that I've seen him like this." Carl sighed.

"Don't lock the door. Let's go and have dinner first before we come back to check on him. He is asleep now. I think it will be morning when he wakes up." Chad said to Carl.

Carl nodded and left the door open before he followed Chad to the elevator.

The floor they were on, only had the VIP suites. People couldn't come to this floor if they didn't have a special access card.

When she heard the elevator close, Rachel stepped forward from where she was hiding and looked around. When she made sure that there was no one else in the hallway, she quickly tiptoed to the half-open door of Hiram's room.

She could feel her heart beating very fast.

Rachel closed her eyes. She didn't have the courage to hold the door knob until she took two deep breaths.

'Don't be scared, Rachel. You got this. You heard Chad and Carl just now. Hiram is drunk and he's sleeping now.'

Rachel tried to calm herself down. She just wanted to see him. Nothing more.

She pushed the door lightly and it opened with a soft creak.

Right now, Rachel felt as if she had ants in her pants. She was extremely nervous and uneasy. She closed the door carefully. She looked at the empty living room as well as the shoe rack next to the door where she saw his favorite leather shoes.

She also saw his jacket on the clothes rack.

Rachel walked to the clothes rack. She touched his jacket and smelled it. It had the lingering scent of his perfume. She missed it so much.

Suddenly, Rachel heard a noise from the bedroom. She wanted to turn around and leave.

But when she heard a loud thud, she stopped.

Finally, Rachel gave in to her curiosity and decided to open the door and sneaked a peek into the bedroom.

Hiram had fallen down from the bed. He

. She looked around in panic searching for a place where she could hide.

She saw the curtains.

Seconds later, Chad walked inside. He breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Hiram, who was lying in bed with his eyes closed. Chad walked towards Hiram and asked him. "Hiram, do you want some water? How about I bring you a cup of tea?"

Hiram opened his eyes and looked around the bedroom. He shouted with his husky voice. "Rachel, Rachel…"

"Hiram, are you dreaming again? We haven't found Rachel yet. We'll keep looking tomorrow. North Sea City isn't a big city. As long as she is here, we're sure to find her." Chad tried to comfort Hiram.

Hiram closed his eyes sadly. He believed that he was dreaming. How could Rachel show up in his bedroom?

Why was this dream so short?

Hiram felt dizzy. He wasn't able to think things clearly for now. He waved his hand at Chad and said,"Get out."

Chad sighed before he tucked Hiram in and walked out.

When Chad left, Rachel, hiding behind the curtain, breathed a sigh of relief. She wiped off the sweat on her forehead. She carefully stepped out and looked around the bedroom.

Lying on the bed, Hiram rested one of his hands on his forehead with his eyes closed. He was breathing heavily.

Rachel walked on tiptoe from the curtain. She wanted to walk to the door to see whether Chad and Carl were still outside. If they weren't, Rachel could leave.

But as she put her hand on the doorknob, Rachel heard a voice behind her.

"Where are you going?"

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