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   Chapter 401 Staying At The Same Hotel

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Rachel left her table and headed for the entrance. As the sea breeze blew through the door, she felt the chill all over her body. She threw her sweater on and her cap over her head. She crossed her arms and walk out with a slouch, trying to stay warm.

It was normal for the wind to be stronger in places near the sea.

Looking down, she didn't see the man coming in and brushing past her as she was going through the door. It was Hiram.

His eyes swept across the whole lobby the moment he walked inside like a hovering eagle. Luck wasn't on his side failing to see the familiar figure of his wife.

Ever since Rachel ran away, he had developed the habit of checking any room or place, upon stepping in, hopping to find her there.

"Hiram, let's have breakfast first. Then we can resume after." Carl said to Hiram, who was now standing in the middle of the lobby. He had followed Hiram all the way from H City.

Hiram nodded his head slightly and walked to the dining hall followed by Carl.

Meanwhile, the fierce fight of the two women came to an end as Marlon left abruptly.

Regardless of how hot the battle was, Marlon stood up and walked towards the exit. He couldn't wait to leave this place of trouble.

"Wait, Marlon Xi! Where are you going now?" Eve shouted from behind. She no longer wanted to fight the other woman seeing that Marlon had left.

On the beach, Rachel took off her shoes and walked along the beach barefoot.

In the softness of the wet sand, she left a footprint after another, which were quickly washed away by the waves.

Not long after, she noticed a man approaching her. She raised her head and realized that it was Marlon.

"There you are! You're the most carefree person I have ever known. What can I say? I admire your attitude toward life, and I myself couldn't do the same... as your boss!" Marlon continued, as Rachel said nothing. He stretched himself for a while and then stripped off his clothes, revealing his well toned body. He wanted to go for a morning swim.

"Yeah! I guess that you're torn between two women. No, let me correct myself. You're caught in a web of many women, am I right?" Rachel mocked him. She bent over and picked up a shell from the sand.

Marlon was about to walk into the water but stopped when he heard what she said. He turned to look at her,"Come on! Is that all you know about me? I am Marlon Xi! I am twenty-seven years old, and I claim my right and freedom to go out with as many different girls as I want!" He declared as if giving a speech to the world.

"Listen, my engagement with Eve was arranged by the elders of our families, not us. You know what? I've never even slept with her! Why should I be stuck with her? It doesn't make any sense!"

He swept back his hair in the sea breeze and shook his h

, she had never expected in a hundred years that Hiram would find his way to this far off coastal town. Speed was really his asset, as he always said.

Right at that moment, her phone began to ring.

Extremely shocked, she almost threw it on the ground. Seeing that it was from Marlon, she took a breath of relief and answered it.


"Hello! What's up? Why are you gasping?" Marlon said over the phone and paused. Then he continued,"Are you with someone now? Do you need some privacy?"

"What are you talking about? I've just returned from running! Tell me what this call was for!" Rachel asked directly.

"Oh, how about having dinner with me later? I hate to have dinner alone!" Marlon admitted.

Rachel widened her eyes and held her breath upon his suggestion, saying,"No, I'm sorry, but I've had my dinner already! And I'm running the bath water now. I'm going to take a bath. You have to eat your dinner alone!

"What? Do you know what time it is now? It's too early to have dinner!" Marlon asked surprised

"Listen, I'm exhausted after a long run. I'm going to go to bed early and please don't call me at anytime tonight!" Rachel replied firmly.

"Okay, fine! I'll leave you alone!" Marlon snapped back and hung up. 'What a weird woman!' he said to himself.

Rachel has been walking back and forth in her room for over an hour, and she couldn't just sit there or lie on the bed as if nothing happened.

Struggling in her thoughts bitterly, she finally made up her mind.

Since she had learned that he was also here, she wanted to see him in person because she never stopped thinking of him.

Rachel reassured herself once more.

Then she refined her makeup in front of the mirror to make sure that she couldn't be recognized at one glance. Satisfied with it, she opened the door of her room into the hall, with all her courage.

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