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   Chapter 400 Destination North Sea City

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"North Sea City," Hiram murmured to himself as his mind travelled to the coastal city. He looked out of the window of his office. Carl stood in front of him, waiting for a reply. After remaining silent for a while, he asked,"Do we own any companies there?"

Carl nodded his head and responded,"Yes, we do. But we have just one company there. We had set up a coastal resort hotel there. Although the city is small, it's known for its scenic beauty."

Hiram thought for a while and then he ordered in a cold voice,"Book the ticket at once. I'll fly there tonight."

"Yes, Hiram!" Carl replied promptly and walked out of Hiram's office.

It had been a long time since Rachel left. Although Hiram finally got information about her whereabouts, he was not sure that she was still staying there or not. He was not sure whether he could find her there or not. Nevertheless, he decided to fly there at once.

Rachel had been struggling to find a firm ground under her feet after leaving her home. She finally got the job as temporary assistant of Marlon in North Sea City. This job was not only a means to earn her bread and butter for her, rather, it helped her to deal with the harsh pangs of separation anxiety from her kids and her loving husband. However, Marlon, her boss mostly ordered her around for trivial matters.

He seldom asked her to assist him with company business. Most of the time she was ordered to deal with his trivial personal matters.

For instance, he needed her to make a perfect coffee for him. He is very particular about his coffee. He only drank coffee which was freshly ground. If the taste did not meet his palate, he would put Rachel on job to make it all over again. Apart from that, he would depute Rachel to do shopping for him. And often, he would ask her to go and purchase something during the office hours.

He would even order her to buy food for him from his favorite food joints.

After working for him for a day, Rachel found that he actually didn't have much company business to deal with. He was always at leisure, so as his assistant, she was only ordered to deal with his personal affairs.

He was so different from Hiram, who was always neck-deep in work.

Rachel wondered how a head of a business could be so laid-back. Maybe that was also why his family was less powerful than Eve's family. Having a successor like him, his family might be worried about the company's future.

"Well, Rachel, I'll go on a holiday tomorrow. Please pack my travel bag!" Marlon checked the time on his watch and decided to call it a day. He stood up and started walking towards the door. Just as he was about the open the door, he paused for a while. With his hand holding the door knob, he turned towards Rachel and asked,"What about you coming along with me?" Now, this is the last thing Rachel could expect. Just one day into her job, her boss wanted her to travel on a holiday with him!

Worked for one day and take rest for the next few days? Is that his motto towards life and

up the two big dishes herself along with a bowl of rice.

By the time she was about to finish her breakfast, she saw a familiar woman stride into the dining hall fuming with anger.

At that moment, Rachel couldn't help suspecting that Eve had put a tracking device on Marlon's body. If not, why did she can find Marlon all the time?

"Bitch. It's that bitch again!" Eve yelled as she took long strides towards that woman. She grabbed her hair and pulled her out of Marlon's arms. "Marlon, have you promised me to end your relationship with that woman?

Answer me!"

Marlon stood up immediately, holding his head with his hands. It seemed that he had been tired of dealing with this kind of catfight. He didn't stop them from fighting each other. Instead, he just covered his ears to prevent himself from hearing their quarrel.

"How can you hit me? Marlon doesn't like you at all. He loves me! If I were you, I would have left him long ago. Stop harassing him, you shameless..." The lady retorted sharply to Eve.

"What did you say? What right do you have to talk to me like that? I ask you, if he were not the successor of the Xi family, would you still love him? You just love his money. I tell you that you won't get even a single penny till the time I'm with him!"

Eve humphed and continued to hurl curses on her with an ironic smile on her face.

"I tell you that this is not the first time that I catch him dating with women. As for the kind of women like you, he will abandon you the moment he gets tired of flirting with you. Do you think he really loves you? Don't be so naive, please!"

Rachel witnessed the spat between the two women over Marlon. Finally got to know why Marlon covered his ears.

Now that she was full and tired of watching the "drama", she thought of going for a walk all over again.

She adjusted her coat and walked toward the exit of the dining hall.

Just then, a tall and strong man was walking into the hotel from the gate at the right side of the dining hall.

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