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   Chapter 399 Finding Her In Her Dreams

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Rachel, meanwhile, sneezed twice violently.

The foot wash had gone cold and she had fallen asleep on the sofa.

She let out a yawn and stretched out her arms. She then dried her feet with a towel and put on slippers. Playing with her feet, she felt more comfortable and very sleepy.

Rachel returned to the bedroom and fell asleep at once.

In her dream;

She dreamed that she was back at the Tulip Palace in H City.

She was lying on the bed in their room and when she opened her eyes, she saw her husband lying beside her. She saw his handsome face and familiar facial outline. He was sleeping soundly and his mouth slightly upward.

Suddenly, he was awake. He saw her and his beautiful face suddenly became cold,"Rachel, why did you leave me? Why did you leave us? Finally, you come back to me. Finally…

Did you know that everyday I was looking for you like crazy! I miss you and it's driving me insane!

Did you know that everyday, our kids asked me where you went but I couldn't tell them anything?"

Hiram choked through his sobs. "My wife, I beg you to come back. Please. This is hurting so bad. I need you, Honey. Please. We can face everything together no matter what happens. Leaving is not the best solution to any problem ..."

Rachel suddenly woke up. The sun had already come up, peeking through the window.

She felt the tears on her face and her pillow had gotten soaked. The dream was so real.

She could not stop the pain in her heart. She was still sobbing as she sat up. She just let it all out. She grasped her chest and sat there quietly weeping.

When she had cried enough, Rachel went to the kitchen to make a simple breakfast of noodles.

Looking at the time, it was already 10 o 'clock. She may have been crying nonstop for the last two hours.

She took two sheets of paper towel and wiped away her tears. She took a few deep breaths and calmed down. "Don't cry, don't cry, you have to be strong!

Fortunately, you didn't take the kids with you when you left or they would have to suffer all of this together with you." She murmured.

She had thought of taking the twins with her.

She thought of Gavin, still lying in the hospital with a heart problem. If she took the two kids with her, Gavin wouldn't be able to bear all that misery.

So, she thought about it and decided to run away alone.

Rachel did not remain idle during the two rest days. She went to other companies to apply, looking for a more suitable job and a better place for her. She promised herself that she would never step back inside Marlon's company.

She did not want to come between him and

itable position for you, or is it better to wait while working me for now?"

Marlon said, giving Rachel time to think.

After their discussion, it was true that he had not find a particularly suitable position for Rachel yet. Either he felt that the position was too low, or the position did not match Rachel's qualifications, she had to compromise.

Rachel thought for a short while and made her decision. She answered," Okay."

Marlon nodded,"Good call. Okay, now go ahead and familiarize yourself with your office and I'll have someone come over and orient you with the job details."

Rachel nodded her thanks, went out of the office and closed the door.

The assistant's office was just in the front of the president's office. She walked in. Looking at the empty room with a nice table and clean chairs, it reminded her when she worked at Streams Company.

Actually, she was familiar with the work of an assistant. She learned a few things after spending some time with Hiram. Moreover, Marlon was far from having a busy business.


H City, Streams Company;

"Hiram, according to a taxi driver, it seemed that some woman similar to Rachel got into his car that day. Because it was a carpool, people were from all directions, so the driver did not ask!"

For this investigation, there were no days nor nights. Carl went running to Streams Company to report to Hiram the very minute he got a lead of Rachel's whereabouts.

After reporting, he was quite breathless from all that running.

Hiram, who was signing a stack of documents stood up upon hearing the news," What did you say? Where is the destination? Where is the destination!"

Carl gasped for breath and said,"It's... it's a place called... North Sea City..."

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