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   Chapter 398 Rachel, You Were Ruthless And Cruel

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Rachel rubbed her belly as she went out. She still felt hungry. She had some fish, but it wasn't enough and she wasn't full.

Rachel gazed at the seaside, far off into the horizon. The glow of the sunset colored the sky bright gold. It was breath-taking. Mesmerized by the magnificent colors of the sunset, Rachel kept walking towards that direction. She didn't seem to know where exactly she was going.

The sunset had reminded Rachel of the days she spent with Hiram at the seaside villa and the one she had seen in Cliff Mountain.

But this time, Rachel had a different feeling. She felt sad and depressed as she felt the cold water touch her toes. The sea breeze blew cold wind in her face and it depressed her more.

"Rachel! Ra…"

Marlon was looking for Rachel, shouting her name. Suddenly, he saw a woman going towards the open sea.

The waves broke and spread swiftly over the shore, ready to swallow the woman. Somehow, this woman and the sea looked like an idyllic canvas.

Marlon looked at the woman's silhouette against the western sky. She was lonely, walking all alone under the golden sunset.

Her hair blew in the wind, and so did her thin jacket, which made her look slimmer and weaker. She looked like she could easily be blown away by the wind. Marlon couldn't help but feel sorry for her.

"I'm sorry, it's my fault. I asked you to come here and have dinner with me. I didn't know that it would make you feel bad!" Marlon yelled out at Rachel.

Rachel who had been blankly staring at the water, lifted her head to look at the dimming sky. It seemed like marvelous artwork slowly fading from light to dark.

However, Rachel didn't listen to Marlon. She just kept walking into the sea. Her shoes and the bottom of her trousers had gotten wet. And yet, she didn't stop.

At that moment, Rachel felt like a moth. And the sunset was her memory. Right now, she didn't want to think about anything. All she wanted to do was to get into the water, to be comforted by the swirling embrace of the waves.

During the past few days, she had tried to avoid those memories. She just wanted to be strong and live a happy life.

But now, the harder she tried to forget, the lonelier she felt.

"Are you insane? You know that you will die if you kept going, right? !" Marlon grabbed Rachel's arms as he caught up with her. She hadn't stopped treading on and fighting the waves, even though she was almost waist-deep in the water. The next wave could easily wipe her out.

Marlon's words brought Rachel back to reality. She slowly turned around, mechanically, and looked at him. "Marlon, that lady loves you so much. Otherwise, she wouldn't be so mad.

Don't u

ned, shaking his head, feeling disappointed. He wanted to close the door but he felt like he had lost all his strength. He stared at Rachel's face. His boring and sad life lit up again. He had to content himself with just a picture of his wife.

Only when Hiram faced Rachel, could the fire in his heart light up.

Otherwise, he was just a cold block of ice.

That was why, no matter how hard it was going to be, he would have to find her as soon as possible.

Then, he would make her stay with him 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. He wouldn't let her leave his side, for even one second. No way!

When he walked into the bedroom, Hiram sat on the bed. He was thinking about playing with the children. But now that he was finally here, he found himself lacking the strength to get up.

He seldom went into this room since Rachel left.

Lying on the bed, Hiram slowly closed his eyes. He stretched out his hands out of habit, wanting to hold Rachel in his arms. He touched nothing but the air. Instead, he found an envelope under her pillow.

Hiram sat up immediately and opened it. He hoped that it was letter, an explanation, any clue that could help him find his wife.

But when Hiram found that it was a divorce agreement, he became furious again. He had tried his best to suppress his anger in the past few days, but now, seeing the divorce papers, he sat up, seething with anger.

When he saw RACHEL on the signature line, Hiram tore the divorce agreement into pieces.

"What a ruthless and cruel woman you are, Rachel!"

'I can't believe that you signed the divorce agreement. Are you really not coming back home ever again?

Are you going to leave me, leave Jonny and Joyce, and leave your mom forever?!

I swear, when I find you, I will teach you a lesson!'

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