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   Chapter 397 A Compulsory Offer

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When they came in, the three interviewers behind the desk stood up and asked at one voice,"Good morning, Mr. Xi. Is there anything we can do for you?"

Marlon waved his hand at them to sit down and then turned to Rachel.

"Where is your resume?" he asked while he stretched out his hand.

"Here it is," Rachel replied reluctantly. She took her resume out of her bag and handed it over to Marlon.

Marlon took it from her and gave it to the interviewers. Then he walked to a corner and pulled a chair to sit with his legs crossed.

The three of them gathered around to go through Rachel's resume, but they all frowned and looked at each other in speechless despair.

It was too common for them. Compared with the ones they had just interviewed, there was nothing in it that could catch their attention

Most people that they interviewed graduated from well-known universities and had worked at large companies for their experience.

"Why don't you ask questions? The resume can't talk, but people can. Ask her, if you have any questions for her!" Marlon suggested. His eyebrows were lifted when he saw the reaction of the three.

The interviewer at left sat straight and coughed. He, then, asked the first question to Rachel.

"Your name is Rachel Ruan, right? I saw the photo on your resume. It seems that you look different from the photo here."

Rachel lowered her head and tried hard to hold her smile. She put the hair at the back of her ears and replied,"Oh, that. I believe that everyone wants to look prettier at their resume. Although I'm not good looking, I can bear hardships and stand hard works."

The interviewer nodded and continued,"Based on your resume, you had been working at a sales company for three years, but I didn't see the name of that company. Could you tell me which company was it?"

Rachel hesitated for a moment and replied,"It, it's a small company. I don't think you're aware of it even if I tell you the name. Besides, it had been closed two years ago."

"Okay, then do you have any other working experiences besides that?" the interviewer in the middle asked.

As Rachel wondered what she should say and where she should start, Marlon interrupted again,"Don't focus on work experiences. They don't speak about talents! Focus on her skills. Ask more important questions!"

The interviewer paused for a moment and asked,"Do you have any other special skills, Ms. Ruan? We got several positions that we need to fill in. We would like to know which one is more suitable to you."

Since Mr. Xi referred her himself, it was a must that they give her a job. However, they had to consider which position they should give her and how to make Mr. Xi satisfied.

Rachel kept quiet

, not me!"

"Can you tell me? Am I wrong? Marlon, don't you remember what I've seen in the hotel last time? What were you doing in bed with that woman? Do I look like blind to you?" Eve contradicted him, and then she turned to Rachel. Looking at her from head to toe, Eve snorted,"Aren't you after his money? Tell me!

Oh, poor women like you! If you lack money, why don't you work hard for it instead of chasing after a rich man? I don't know what you and your kind are doing in this world for!"

"You can think whatever you like! But I've nothing to do with him, as I told you just now. Believe or not, it's your own business! I have nothing to do with that!" Rachel finished her words and took a deep breath. She knew it was hard for Eve to listen to her explanation at the moment. So she took her bag from the chair, turned around and headed out of the restaurant.

"Rachel, wait!" Marlon shouted from behind. There was nothing but the sea outside. He knew that it was a long way to the city. Rachel had no car or money to spare. It was impossible for her to walk back.

Seeing him call Rachel back, Eve smiled coldly and grabbed Marlon's collar, asking,"She told me that she had nothing to do with you, then why are you calling her name? Marlon, Marlon, how could I be so blind to stay in love with you?"

Marlon got pissed off. He wiped her hand off, replying,"That's right, I'm an asshole! Okay?! I don't deserve your love! You've never treated me as your fiancé. I felt just like a toy of yours. Is this just because your family is more powerful than mine? Do you think I'll ever take the wealth of your family?

Let me tell you now, no, never! If I'm so worthless in your eyes, then we can break up for good. Let's call off our engagement now!"

Then he pushed Eve aside and headed to the staircase.

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