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   Chapter 396 Looking For My Wife

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Rachel didn't answer him. Biting her lip, she retorted,"Why are you asking me so many questions? Even if you wanted to make friends with me and I'm not interested, will you force me to make friends with you?"

Marlon stood up. Seeing Rachel's bedroom door open, he walked in. Then he spotted the notebook on the table and picked it up.

"What are you talking about? Of course I won't force you to be friends with me," he yelled from inside the bedroom as Rachel followed him.

Rachel frowned at Marlon who was meddling with her stuff without her permission. Unable to control her anger anymore, she shouted,"Stop touching my stuff! We just met! I don't know you well and you don't know me!"

With that, she snatched the notebook from his hands and placed it on the table.

"You're looking for a job, aren't you? Do you need any help?" Marlon asked, looking at her with a smile. Seeing that what she had written on the notebook were all design company names or sales positions, he guessed that she must have experience in that field.


Before Rachel could say no, he continued,"Two among the five companies you listed there belong to my family, and the rest belong to the Tang family. You saw that I was kicked out from a car by a woman the other day. That woman was from the Tang family. Do you think she will be a better employer than me?"

Marlon said, taking out a business card from his pocket and signed his name on it. "Take this. The day after tomorrow, our company will hold a public interview. No one will stop you from entering the office building if you show it to them.

If I'm in a good mood that day, you may pass the interview without much fuss."

With that, Marlon left Rachel's apartment.

Looking at the business card, Rachel shook her head, and then placed it on the table.

The next day, Rachel went to the offices of the companies she had filtered the night before. She went to each office for a walk-in interview. However, when the interviewers found out that she was from out of town and with only an ordinary university graduate, they told her to wait for further notice at home.

Her resume only showed very little of her working experience, so they thought that she was just a novice, coming off as lacking work experience. Also, she wasn't a local, therefore, the companies were concerned that she wouldn't stay long. They were reluctant to hire her.

After a long day, back at

e uneasy under his gaze. She said, touching her face,"Yes. I haven't been feeling well lately. I get speckles and the moles on my face whenever I'm not used to the climate."

Marlon laughed. Did she take him for an idiot?

"Come on. It's not a big deal. After all, the most important thing in the interview is you and your abilities and not your appearance. You can enter the office with me once the current interviewee is done,"

Marlon said, straightening his blue suit. He brushed his hair with his hand and then walked towards the office.

Rachel walked behind following him, covering her face with her hands.

She heard people talking about her,"Oh my God! How ugly that woman is! If I were her, I would have had the black mole removed before coming here."

"Yes. The interviewers might be uncomfortable looking at the mole.

"Do you think she will get hired? I don't think she has any chance. What we are applying for is a sales position. That means we'll often visit customers. If those customers don't want to cooperate with our company because of this ugly woman, it will be a huge loss for the company."

"You may be wrong. Didn't you see? She was brought into the office by that man just now. Maybe she has a special relationship with the management team of this company. Who knows?"

Hearing the gossip, Rachel took a deep breath. She stopped at the office door with Marlon, covering her face with her hands and lowering her head.

After a short while, the interviewee who was in the office, came out.

Marlon opened the door and walked into the office.

Rachel followed close behind.

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