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   Chapter 395 North Sea City

Happy Together By Vegetable Characters: 8015

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Marlon snapped his fingers and said briskly,"That's right! You've made a smart decision! Deal!

All right! Here you are!" He threw the phone to her and put the cash in his pocket.

Having no other choice, Rachel took the phone. She wasn't disappointed because it wasn't worth the money Marlon took from her. She was disappointed because the phone looked hideous.

It was weird for her to use a stranger's phone. She had never done this before.

"We're done here! Don't put on a long face in front me! Let me tell you the truth. Although it's not brand new, my phone is worth much more than the money you paid. You're the one who got more from this transaction, okay?" Marlon said frankly, seeing her reaction.

Rachel thrust the phone into her purse and replied,"Fine, I'm leaving. Thank you."

She turned around and walked away. Since she was far away from H City now, she believed that it would be difficult for Hiram to follow her here, and she needed to find a place to take a rest from everything.

After that, she could think about what she would do next.

After she left, Marlon walked on the street with hands in both pockets and hailed a taxi.

Rachel went to several hotels, which looked great from outside, but the rooms cost too much. With the money she had, she could only stay a couple of days.

Then she went to several humble hotels and found that they were also out of her budget.

She thought it over and over again and decided to just rent a small house. One month's rent was almost the same as staying in a hotel for a couple of days, and it wouldn't cost her much to buy some daily necessities.

Rachel looked at four or five places before she finally decided to rent a small apartment. It had one bedroom and one living room. In addition, there was a small balcony. There was some furniture and home appliances included so the rent was pretty reasonable for her.

Rachel didn't take any luggage with her because she didn't want to arouse the servants' attention when she left the Tulip Palace. Except for the clothes she was wearing, she almost had nothing.

After paying a month's rent and the deposit, she only had a few hundred dollars in her hands.

Fortunately, to her relief, almost everything she needed was already in the apartment, which saved her some money.

The community was busy and there were all kinds of stores and eateries. Rachel w

I could have found you a nicer place to rent!"

"How could you know this place? I meant, how did you know that I was renting here?" Rachel asked in astonishment. She couldn't figure out how he found her, and it didn't make any sense.

Marlon glanced at her phone, which was charging on the bed table, and sat on the sofa, saying,"I just told you. This is my territory and I got your name. I could find you without lifting a finger."

"Well, please don't do that again! You gave your phone and I paid my money. I think we're even here, and I don't think that we've already become friends. Please don't come to my place without invitation." Rachel said coldly. She walked to him and stared at him, who seemed to have made himself feel at home.

"Yes, I know we're even, but we can be friends, right?" Marlon said sitting on a nearby chair. He crossed his legs and looked up and down at her cheap pajamas.

Although he could see that it was cheap, it looked comfortable on her. The woman in front of him had the facial features that were easy on the eyes but not what she was wearing.

"Friends? I think we have different definitions of what friends are. You may leave now, Mr. Xi. Thank you for dropping by. It may stir up some gossip if you and I are in the same room alone." Rachel said holding the door open.

"What? I can't believe my ears. You're a single woman, and I'm a single man. Then what's the problem of staying in the same room? I don't think it is a crime in this day and age!

Let me guess, but are you married?"

Marlon said with a smile and waited for her reaction.

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