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   Chapter 394 Unknown Street In An Unknown City

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There was an unknown city.

It was right at noon.

Rachel found herself at an unknown street.

She looked up at the dazzling sunlight and wondered where she was.

She got puzzled. She had no idea at all.

She only remembered that she was walking around coming from the Tulip Palace. Then, she saw a car stop by the road and heard them discussing if they could share the car with Rachel going to an unknown city. It sounded great for her. So, she got in the car with them.

She was utterly confused at that time. But she desperately wanted to go away. She hopped in the car right away even though she had zero idea where the city was except that its name sounded great.

She thought, 'Besides, sharing a car with other people is not like riding a bus. I don't have to buy tickets.' This was why she went in the car without any hesitation. Hence, she found herself sitting comfortably in the car and just paid cash to the driver.

Also, she had brought her identification card with her. However, showing it to the ticket seller would expose her. Thus, riding the bus was a big NO for her.

The city was too far away. Her journey in the car lasted for a day and a night before it finally reached her destination.

Rachel felt too drained from the long trip. Her legs had gone stiff and tired. Therefore, she decided to take a break at some sheltered place. Suddenly, she found a big tree by the street, sat on the ground gasping for air and wiped off the sweat on her forehead.

She was rolling her sleeves up as she took a look at her watch to check the time. She left her phone at home on purpose. Consequently, she randomly took a watch from her drawer for the convenience of knowing the time.

It was twenty past eleven in the morning, the hottest moment of the day. She felt very weak after a long walk under the sun.

"Marlon Xi! Listen carefully! If I catch you cheating on me with another woman one more time, our engagement is off! And I'll withdraw our investment from your company! Be sure to keep this in your mind! I don't want you to come crying to beg me!"

A woman, in a red Porsche, shouted. She kicked the man who opened the door so he could quickly step out of her car.

Marlon also has a temper. He heavily banged the door behind him as he was quite frustrated about the circumstance. Even though he was very bitter towards the woman, he chose to stay silent to make the situation lighter.

Seeing his reaction, the woman stepped on the gas and drove her car away out of anger.

Regardless of how fancy he dressed and the footprint on his back, he sat on the road and quietly lit up a cigarette.

Watching the Porsche driving away, Rachel averted her eyes on the man sitting not far away from her. She laughed pessimistically. She remembered, she saw such a th

you do not lack money! Listen, if you're short of cash now, please take your watch to the pawnshop. I believe that they'll give you at least 100, 000 bucks for it. Please lend this to me, and I promise I'll return it as long as I'm available!"

Upon hearing his advice, Rachel glared at him and angrily said,"I don't care about your suggestion. I never planned to go to the pawnshop. This is my watch and it's none of your business!"

"Right! You're so mysterious, ma'am! I guess you must have your own reason. But why can't you determine good from bad? It's just a suggestion if you're in need. I'm just showing my concerns to you!" Marlon explained while he tries to hold his laugh.

"Listen, how about you buy a phone from me? With the money in my hand?" he proposed.

Seeing him not giving up, Rachel rejected him coldly without thinking,"No, I told you that I don't need it! Just give my money back!"

"Hold on, hold on! Please give it a thought before rejecting me. This is my backup phone and there is a SIM card in it. You can make calls and don't have to buy yourself a new one. I believe this is a good deal for you. Please consider it!" he said with a smile. But then, he got himself thinking differently.

This woman must be anything but simple, and maybe it would benefit him in the future.

Rachel hesitated for a moment. It was true that it was difficult for her to move without a phone such that she might need a job.

The reason why she didn't bring her phone with her was that she knew Hiram would find her. It would only take a phone call for him to know where she was.

Since she had left as Gavin asked, she felt the need to find ways to live on.

It was far far away from H City. She knew she had to make a living. Thus, she thought that she was absolutely in need of a phone.

"Okay, deal! Give your phone to me!" she agreed.

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